God, where were You?

I’m the same place I was when all you could do was cry

I’m the same place I was when you just wanted to die

I’m the same place I was when you called Me a myth

I’m the same place I was when you’d grab another 5th

I’m the same place I was when you’d tell another lie

I’m the same place I was when all you wanted was to get high

I’m the same place I was when you hated your brother

I’m the same place I was when you were unkind to another

I’m the same place I was when you displayed the worst of human behavior

I’m the same place I was when you crucified My only Son, your Saviour

I’m the same place I was when you were hopelessly lost, knowing not what to do

I’m the same place I was, My Beloved, waiting patiently for you

Author: Margaret from soulfood101blog

Praying the world will read God's Word for themselves, and not rely on what someone else tells them His Word says or means.

30 thoughts on “God, where were You?”

    1. Thank you for your kind words. :) I’d love to take credit for it(which I already have, if you’ve read any of the comments, you’ll see) but it comes from Him. I could never write something that’s beautiful without Him putting the words there. He is and always has been the reason for anything good that has happened in my life :) Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit. God bless you :)

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      1. Welcome for your great words and yes all is Him and He is there for each and everyone and He is simply Love who is our guide, guiding us towards him and it is so nice to have him as an inspiration. Even i too feel just like you.

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  1. This is stellar! I love how you elicited all the times when you could have reached out to him and you didn’t, or maybe you did? The permanence of God always and forever you beautifully penned. I’m so happy you posted this, it was tremendous! I am officially not mad at you anymore, lol.

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    1. Wow thank you! That means so much, reading your poems and seeing how wonderful they are, for you to say that means more than I can say. Always reaching out but to flawed and weak to believe He could loved such a sinner like me :) Silly now looking back. God bless you brother :)

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      1. God bless you my friend. I knew that you could possibly write stellar poetry, and I just experienced it. Wonderful. I certainly hope you will continue on. You have much to teach folks with your own journey. We need you out here setting the example!

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    2. Of course, I was so thankful for your praise that I didn’t even give the credit where it was due and it has been eating at me(literally) since I replied to you :) I might be the vessel that the words came through but He is the one who puts the words, the feelings, the love there for me to pen. Without God, none of those words would have seen the light of day. If it wasn’t for Him, that poem wouldn’t have existed. :) Shew that feels better :) :)

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  2. Wow. ❤ I can relate to the first line the most; there were many times in the past when I would cry while trying to fall asleep, when sleep refused to come, and my anxious thoughts wouldn’t cease. Even though I felt like I was completely alone, He was always there with me – just like He is right now. It stinks how, before we come to know Him, that we don’t realize just how close to us He is. If only we always knew … I don’t think there would be as much heartbreak.

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    1. Awwww Maggie, I’m so sorry for your tears. I’m closer to God than I’ve ever been in my life, and yet sometimes I still get those anxious thoughts. I will just start repeating, “I love You God, thank You God for loving me” sometimes just, “thank You God, thank You God” or “I love You God, I love You God”, until it goes away, and it always does :) God bless you Maggie :)

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      1. It’s alright; I have recovered from those times now. That is beautiful to hear ❤ I, too, will repeat phrases like what you mentioned to reassure myself when my mind wants to wander elsewhere, and they help me greatly. God bless you, Margaret :) ❤

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      2. This comment put such a big smile on my face. ❤ You’re so sweet, Margaret. But know this: I’m only the way I am because of Him. His love has inspired me and changed me for the better, and every day, I’m learning to love more, just like He loves me. 😊💜

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      3. LOL He does work in mysterious ways Maggie. Just as you were posting this I was also posting a reply. If you look below(or maybe above) our comments I was taking praise for this poem, and after I did, went to do something else, started feeling remorseful, couldn’t figure out why, then realized I totally took credit for the poem, not giving any to God. So, happy with the praise, I forgot the reason I had the words, Him! I came back and did what I should have done in the first place which was be thankful AND give Him the glory. When I was done your comment popped up, giving Him the credit. Coincidence, I think not. He reinforced it, through your reply :) I love Him.

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      4. Wow! That’s definitely not a coincidence. He does work in the most mysterious of ways! It’s so easy for me to gravitate toward receiving praise for something He inspired me to do, but I always come back around to giving Him all the glory. Just like you said in that other comment, I, too, am just a vessel. I’m just a person with a heart for writing and singing His praises. ❤ It’s all because of Him. 😊

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