Hummingbirds at peace

This post was inspired by Yassy. She wrote a poem about spring titled “spring’s realm”. She writes lots of beautiful poetry, and its one of the thing that draws me to her blog.

This particular poem mentioned hummingbirds, which prompted me to comment about how hummingbirds act so crazy over food, and feeders. They will fight, and dive bomb each other, and chase each other off the feeders. As if these little things could eat all that food by themselves.

One afternoon, after being outside for a bit, watching them fight endlessly over these feeders I said, “If y’all don’t stop fighting over those feeders, I’m taking them down.”


When I came back outside, this is what I found :)

Author: Margaret from soulfood101blog

Praying the world will read God's Word for themselves, and not rely on what someone else tells them His Word says or means.

20 thoughts on “Hummingbirds at peace”

    1. I know it was funny too because I was on the phone with my mom at the time. She said, “who are you talking too??” Me, “the hummingbirds.” Mom, “Did they listen?” Me, “not yet but they better or I’m taking down those feeders” She just laughed but later when I came out, they had listened :)

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    1. I know like greedy little beasts but they are so fun to watch. It’s like they understood me though because they all ate nicely and not too much fighting after that. I have few more pictures. I might post some of them. :)

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      1. Ooh! I love roses :) When we moved to the house we’re at now, there were rose bushes just off from the porch, but they were scraggly, anyway, and now they’re dead. ;-; lol poor things

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      2. Yeah mine lasted about 7 years then they dies. I didn’t realize that I picked the wrong kinds to last forever. I got the award winning bushes, that were the most fragrant because I wanted strong scented ones. But when they started producing less flowers, less scent, I researched and found out that you only get about 6 years out of those kinds of bushes :( But I loved them while I had them :)

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      3. Wow! I didn’t know rose bushes only lasted for a certain amount of time like that. Although, I don’t know much about plants in general, lol. Are you going to get new bushes?

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      4. Not all rose bushes, just certain kinds, which I happened to pick lol. I researched and picked the ones that were really fragrant, that had won awards for the strength of the fragrance. I didn’t know that they are designed for rose shows for people to win awards, therefore they are not grown for longevity. There are rose bushes that will last for long periods though. I have some that you can see in the hummingbird picture(my garden you can see too) But the ones that are in the hummingbird picture don’t have fragrance but they will last for decades. So, it just depends on the rose.

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      5. How strange that the long-lasting ones don’t have fragrance, but the short-lived ones do! That’s unfortunate. While our rose bushes might be gone, we do still have a few flowering bushes in our front yard that are absolutely beautiful in the spring!

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      6. There are “old” roses or I think they call them antique roses that will live long and have fragrance but most now a days are hybrids. And the old or antique roses, I’d have to find someone who has one in their yard and try to cut some of it and root it myself…haven’t attempted that lol :)

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