I know He does…

Do you think God answers your prayers?

I know He does.

People will say, “I keep praying and asking God for…(fill in the blank).”  I use to pray and  ask God for something, over and over and over, too.

Did I think God didn’t hear me the first time? Was I showing faith when I’d keep asking, and asking, and asking, which at some point turns into begging, does it not? O me of little faith. That wasn’t a typo, I said “me” :)

So, a few years back, I started asking God for something, once. The next time I prayed, I’d thank Him for what I asked Him for the last time I prayed. I kept thanking Him from that point on.

Now when I pray it’s full of “thank you God for (insert what I asked Him for)” even before I have received it. After He answers that prayer, I keep thanking Him for it.

I am still thanking Him for things He gave me years and years ago. I’m also still thanking Him for things I’ve asked for, but are not yet received.

My prayers seem to be answered a lot more quickly.

Is it because I’m not begging God by asking over and over? Or, is it because I’m showing Him faith, and giving Him thanks, in return, He is blessing me with what I’m asking of Him?



Author: Margaret from soulfood101blog

Praying the world will read God's Word for themselves, and not rely on what someone else tells them His Word says or means.

17 thoughts on “I know He does…”

    1. That’s a good question Cheryl. When I pray I only ask God once for something, and I always say “if it’s Your will God” By once I mean, I ask Him once and then every time I pray after that I thank Him for what I asked Him for. So, I guess the answer would be no, I’ve never changed a prayer. If it doesn’t happen then it’s not what He intended for me. But I still never stop thanking Him for it, either. I hope that answers your question. :)


      1. Yes, that answers it. I think I am a bit like you…I don’t tend to keep praying for a certain thing. Once I ask, He will either bring it to fruition, or change my heart not to desire it anymore. Gotta start the thanking Him before hand though…..being more thankful can only make life better.

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  1. The timing of this post is perfect, Margaret. Just last night, I was talking to my dad about how I’ve prayed about something before, then not seen any progress…but I haven’t tried thanking the Lord for it; I’ve only stressed over it. Thank you so much for the encouragement, Margaret; it came just when I needed it. :) ❤ My praying over it will be different now.

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    1. Thank you Maggie. :) My mom and me have talked about this a lot. It’s like when we ask our parents for something or to do something. They say yes, and yet we keep asking. Parents eventually reply(tell me if you’ve heard this lol) If you ask me one more time, we aren’t doing it or if you ask one more time, you aren’t getting it. :) So, I figured God must get tired of us asking Him, over and over. What are we showing Him by asking for the same thing over and over, that we don’t have faith in Him? His word says He heard us, right? So, why not show our faith that He will do it, and start thanking Him. Proving to Him that we believe in Him AND His Word. Showing we have faith in Him and that He will do it, not in our time but in His time. At the right time. Thank you so much Maggie for sharing you are always right on time yourself :)

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      1. Amen, Margaret. ❤ His timing is always best! He also knows what we’re capable of, and in His love, He never takes us past what we can handle; when we give everything to Him, He lets us benefit from each difficulty we go through. :)

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      2. Aw, Margaret <3 I love you, too. :) Everything that I've ever said to you about the Lord hasn't been my wisdom, but His; everything I know about Him is what He has placed on my heart, and I enjoy getting to share it with you.

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