I’m always saying in my comments and replies to comments about what a blessing this or that is to me. I’m sure you’ve noticed this if you have commented on my blog, or I have commented on yours.

This isn’t lip service.

I find that when something/someone/some words makes me happy, or some one thanks me for something, it is a blessing from God because anything that is good that comes out of me is from God, and anything that is good that comes to me, no matter what form, it’s not praise of man that gave that to me but God Who has rained down a blessing to me.

So, I would ask for you to forgive me for always saying, “what a blessing” or that “you have blessed me” with a comment, or a thank you but I won’t apologize for what I feel is a blessing from God.

Too many times we accept words and consider them an accomplishment of our own but when anything that is praise comes our way, it is a blessing from God. It is a little kiss or hug from Him, and should be treated that way.

Thank you God for all the blessing you give me everyday, and for all His children that He uses to bestow those blessings onto me.

Author: Margaret from soulfood101blog

Praying the world will read God's Word for themselves, and not rely on what someone else tells them His Word says or means.

43 thoughts on “Blessings”

  1. Hi Margaret. I happen to agree with the consensus here; it is a great thing to say something is a blessing! One of my favorite things to hear is somebody telling me to be blessed(if they mean it, anyway.)

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    1. It’s one of my favourite things to hear and say. I use to always say how lucky I was, or what a coincidence, plus lots of variations, and started feeling horrible every time I said it because it wasn’t luck, or coincidences that these things were happening. They are blessings, and we should give God the praise and glory that He deserves for these blessings. A kind word is a blessing, making some one smile is a blessing, Waking up this morning, was a blessing :):) I could go on and on lol. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me, Wally. God bless you :)

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  2. Margaret your blessings are always so special to us and please know we send our blessings out to you. You always have a kind thought to lift and encourage us. The Holy Spirit is working through you with your blog so keep it up.

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  3. Awww Lee, I just want to give you a big hug, it’s hard to resist that urge, especially when someone is questioning our Saviour. You can attack me, but when someone goes after my sweet Jesus or God, shew I feel the heat rising. But like His Word says, He has conquered this world. I realized He just wants me to drown them in love and He will do the heavy lifting :) So, don’t be hard on yourself. God Bless you brother.

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  4. Thank you Lee, that is such a blessing. Dori is an amazing child of God :):) If you think about it Lee, it wasn’t easy for Jesus either. People didn’t believe Him, scoffed at Him, called Him names, argued with Him, and eventually crucified Him. I feel that these weren’t just stories that told us of His struggle but for our strength, and encouragement. That if people would do that to Him, just think what they would do to you, for trying to spread His gospel. So, sharing hope isn’t easy, Jesus can tell you that :) but you have to keep trying, loving, and praying. The battle has been fought. God wins in the end :)

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  5. That is a comment I am well used to as I use it often. Just a part of speech when you know the Lord has blessed you so, and has used others to do the same. So certainly no need to apologize for any language that is glorifying to him. Just let that light always shine as you are doing, and to him be glorified.

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    1. Thank you Robbie, this is so true. You worded it perfectly! I use to think, I lucked out, got lucky, or right timing, etc. At some point, I felt bad the minute I used one of those terms because it isn’t luck, or timing. God has our every step planned, so absolutely to Him be the glory, always, in all things :) Thank you so much for sharing that. God bless you :)

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  6. Hi Margaret, all blessings come in different shapes and forms. Even when they don’t appear to be positive, but they are still blessings in disguise. The tagline for my blog is ‘giving and receiving blessings.’ I consider you as a blessing to me, and I count my blessings everyday! Miriam

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  7. This is beautiful, Margaret <3 You're absolutely right; anything good that comes our way is a blessing from God! No need to apologize; honestly, it's a blessing back to know that we've blessed you:) I love how you described life's many blessings as a little kiss or hug from Him <3 that's a sweet, beautiful way of putting it.

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