Talking to myself

I talk to myself all the time. Not in a crazy, hearing voices type of way, maybe ;) but like this:

-time to get up
-I need to get ready
-take out something for dinner
-stop by the post office
-pick up bread
-don’t forget to stop by the bank
-I’m hungry LOL

You get the point.

I think every one does it. A constant monologue going on in our heads. It could be things to do, feelings, emotions, lists…anything really.

Why do we talk to ourselves, and not talk to the Good Lord about these things?


I’m going to have this conversation, whether I want to or not, why not have it with God?


Why not redirect those worthless conversations with myself and have fulfilling ones with the Almighty instead?

So, I did.

Now, it’s Lord, we need to get up, we have to take out dinner, oh and Lord don’t let me forget the bank, etc…

I was pleasantly surprised by the improvements in my life :)

God Bless you :)



Author: Margaret from soulfood101blog

Praying the world will read God's Word for themselves, and not rely on what someone else tells them His Word says or means.

71 thoughts on “Talking to myself”

  1. Our standards of behaviour, our moral code is something that is shaped by our expereince of life and by those with whom we come into contact with from our parents at birth and throughout our childhood, through to those who educate us, those who become our friends and those who are our work colleagues etc. etc. Even politicians and law makers shape the way we perceive the world and therefore our attitudes and behaviour towards it. All of these people are examples of mankind. Mankind is born sinful and therefore corrupt. This means that our behaviour, our moral code is shaped by corruption. So, what’s the alternative ? We are led inexorably to the conclusion that the ONLY uncorrupted code for life is in God’s word and yet out politicians persistently seek to rule by means that are based upon political expediency, self interest, avarice and power. Unless this world and those who purport to lead it learn that God’s word transcends all man made rules and laws then this world is doomed. Politicians, presidents, dictators and leaders can only lead this world into a bright future and survival by applying God’s word.

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  2. We say ‘Amen’ at the end of a prayer indicating the conclusion of a conversation with God. Why do we do that ? Surely, our conversation with God should be continuous and ongoing if He is to be an integral part of our life. Just a thought. Amen.

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  3. Science and faith: Science seeks to explain EVERYTHING and in that quest, requires irrefutable EVIDENCE as proof. If science cannot prove something then it does not exist or at best it offers an unproven possibility. Faith on the other hand, requires no proof other than the conviction in your heart and belief in Christ. I spent a long, long time questioning the existence of Christ and looking for answers. I have now realised that this is a futile exercise as the proof is all around us. If you go to a church where it is customary to shake hands with or hug your fellow worshippers, look into the other person’s eyes, not for long but just linger for a moment and see that they are feeling what you are feeling. There’s the EVIDENCE.

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    1. I know what you mean hahaha. I’m trying to divert all those conversations to be with Him. And why not, He is the universes expert on everything, and He takes meeting with us, no appointment needed, why would we not take advantage of that priceless opportunity :):)


      1. I tried that but then got a bad conscience about it because it seemed like I was trivialising the relationship with Him. Talking with God can be REALLY confusing sometimes.

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      2. If it rested on your conscience then you listen to that Chris. Every one has their own personal relationship with The Almighty. You do what you feel honours God. He just wants you near Him, always. He will give you clarity. God bless you Chris. :):) I appreciate you sharing your insight with us.

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    1. I’m so happy you loved it :) Thank you. You are right, I feel, about Him appreciating it. It makes sense. He sure loves to hear from us in all things. You aren’t the only one who converses with her kitty cat :) I believe Kristi Ann just commented she talks to her cat, and my reply was I talked to mine too :):) hahaha

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  4. Amen-Amein Sister in Christ Jesus-Yeshua Margaret!! I talk to my Kitty Cat Patches everyday, as she talks back to me!!

    I own a 55 gallon fish tank with two Gold Fish, and two Algae Eaters, they are all relaxing to watch!!

    I talk to Jesus-Yeshua Christ Everyday, as HE is KING of kings and LORD of lords, HE is the ALPHA and OMEGA!! Glory Glory Hallelujah and Maranatha!!

    God Bless all my Sisters and Brothers in Christ Jesus-Yeshua and Your Families and Friends!!

    Our ONE True GOD’S LOVE πŸ’™πŸ’•πŸ’™ is ETERNAL THROUGH HIS SON Jesus-Yeshua Christ for Today and Everyday Forevermore!!

    I Love you all Everyone through Jesus-Yeshua Christ, because HE LOVED πŸ’™πŸ’• EVERYONE FIRST!!

    Love πŸ’•πŸ’™ Always and Shalom ( Peace ) Everyone, YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann

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    1. Awww my kitty talked to me too. He is the picture I use for my blog picture. Isn’t it nice that God created those relaxing fish and your talkative kitty to bless you :):) Comforting that He is there to listen to us all the time. God Bless you Kristi Ann. I always am happy to see you :):)

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  5. You are right. It’s really good and necessary to talk to God as a friend too, because He is a friend, and, however silly the convo, He doesn’t shut us out. This was a short but really lovely post! :)

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  6. I just heard a sermon about prayer last night! It had to do with the parable of the persistent friend. The friend in his bed with his kids may not have liked the other friend’s persistence, but God likes it when we talk to Him often and always! Thanks for the relevant post.

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    1. Thank you for those sweet encouraging words Amy, and for sharing that parable. It’s very good :) I always feel like I talk the Lord to death, but I realize, I still talk to myself about all kinds of things that really, I have no control over other than to mess them up hahaha. I need to get to where I have ALL those conversations with the Almighty. He never messes things up :)

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      1. I must say, I tried to direct a lot of my thoughts God-ward today and it has been a liberating experience :) Thank you for sharing this thoughtful post Margaret. God bless you too…. :)

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      2. YAAAAA! That is a blessing to hear. It’s encouraging, and hopeful too, makes me want to try harder to have all my conversations with Him, not me. :):) Thank you for taking the time to come back and share it with me :) Thank you for the blessings :)

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    1. Yes, it should but I am still working on it. I do slip into talking to myself, daily. I have to keep working on it until I am talking to God ALL the time. I’d say I split it about 60% talking to God, and 40% talking to myself hahaha. I want to get it up to 100% without effort :):)

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      1. Don’t worry, you’ll get there. Lately, whenever I find myself talking to ‘myself’, its usually God I’m talking to.

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  7. That’s interesting. I’m not good at talking to people; I stumble through sentences and can never find the right words. By the time I get a thought out of my head and into words, often the true meaning has been lost in translation. But I can talk to myself and my dogs. So I will walk the dogs, and all the while go back over conversations I’ve had earlier and say to myself/the dogs what I really meant to say to whoever I was talking to. Maybe one day I will have practiced so much I’ll get it right in a real conversation. And maybe I should start these conversations with myself by saying, “Lord, what I really meant to say to so-and-so was this…”

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    1. It never hurts to have conversations with God :):) He will help you with the ease of your conversations with people. I know what you mean about not being able to find the right words or by the time you do it’s lost in translation. I’ll pray God helps you feel more comfortable, and gives you the words He wants you to speak to get your points across. :):) God Bless you, I’m so happy you stopped by and shared with us :):)

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      1. For a good cry listen to “Be in my heart” by Cliff Richard and then when you’ve done that, listen to “Discovering” also by Cliff Richard . . . . . and REALLY break your heart ! I belive that God speaks to us through music in a most intimate way.

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      2. Attended my first Holy Communion today after 35 years ! Was dead scared and nearly walked out but with some encouragement from a very supportive vicar I went through with it with heart pounding, hands shaking and tears streaming down my face. So glad I did. Love and peace to you all.

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