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This is a post from when the blog was brand new. I added some pictures when I reposted it. I pray you enjoy it :)

Todays verses seem to be all about giving. Giving freely to those who need it, with no expectations of what this will gain me down the road.

We’ve all heard this right, its better to give than receive, what comes around goes around, and miraculously there it is right in the Bible.

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I don’t think I always knew how to give or what to give, I barely had enough to get through the day, how was I suppose to give? If I did give, it wasn’t freely, there was always the expectation that I’ll get something in return.

The reality is, we all have something to give.

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“But I don’t have money” so, give your attention, listen to someone, give your time, a hug, a smile, a compliment, words of encouragement, a shoulder to lean on, etc. There are all kinds of ways that we can give to others that are in need.

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Need isn’t always money. Sometimes people (even the richest people you know) just need someone to be there for them, for whatever they may be struggling with in their lives.

Money is not always the answer to everyones problems. If someone doesn’t feel good about something in their life, money isn’t going to help that.

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Sometimes, it is money. Someone can’t pay a bill, their car breaks down, something has happened and an unforeseen cost has popped up. If we can help that person, help them.

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Like I said, I’m not rich, so, I understand the choice between the electric bill and groceries. There have been times where I saw a person struggle, and then I would struggle about whether to help them because I needed the money too. And it never failed that if someone needed $5.00 and I gave them the $5.00, I would need that $5.00 and think to myself, see if you hadn’t given them that money you would have it now.

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The more verses I read, it helped me realize that, yes, I was giving but not giving without regret or expectations. It was hard, and it certainly didn’t happen overnight but as soon as I started giving freely, I started receiving freely.

I started looking around asking, where is all this coming from and why? Again, the more verses I read, I realized, I was reaping what sowed.

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The best gift of course, is just loving everyone.

An ounce of love goes a long way. If we could love everyone we meet, this world would improve.

If we can’t love everyone we meet then just don’t hate them, and move along. Try not to wish them ill, argue, judge or condemn them.

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Try to see God in that person.

While they are doing whatever it is that is making you not feel love for them, (to yourself) say a prayer for them, bless them and move along.

You will be surprised with the results.

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The results it has on you, and you might be surprised at the results it has on them. One thing’s for certain, you will leave that encounter feeling positive, and happy, instead of irritated and angry.

In that respect, you are giving not only to that person(even though they don’t know it), and you are reaping what you sowed.

God Bless you :)

Author: Margaret from soulfood101blog

Praying the world will read God's Word for themselves, and not rely on what someone else tells them His Word says or means.

57 thoughts on “Giving –The Word”

  1. What a happy reminder, Sister Margaret! A friend (peer) of mine just posted a short message on Facebook about giving and it was timely, very timely. I believe the Holy Spirit is confirming to me. It is the simplicity of giving that seems to have its own rewards. Aside from that, the very ACT of giving is a demonstration of unconditional love as your laid it out in your message!

    Plus, Sis, I loved your What is Going On Here Page!!! As a simple ACT of giving, I am going to list you in my Blogs Followed Page. It’s not much, but I use it (rather than the Reader) to go back and visit sites that I enjoy and get inspiration from. Plus, I use the list as a Intercessory Prayer List and I will be honored to add you to it. It might bring someone to you whom the Holy Spirit wants you to inspire!! That will be a blessing to those who obey His leading!!

    I look forward to reading your past and future posts. A sincere and loving heart IS easy to spot when you allow the spirit within to bear witness with one another! You have a GREAT ministry (service) to those who read and take to heart not just your verses, but your “opinions” (okay, I really mean your thoughts and insights!!) and I look forward to more as time permits!!

    God bless you richly AND abundantly as you CONTINUE in your service (ministry) to us AND to the Lord Himself!!!!
    Pastor Roland Ledoux

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    1. Wow Pastor, you truly humble me, more than you will ever know. God certainly does give is exactly what we need, right when we need it. Your comment is a true sign of that, again more than you know :):) I would be happy to be on your list :):) Thank you so much for stopping by, sharing with me, and lifting me up :):) God Bless you Pastor :):)

      Liked by 1 person

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