The Unique Blogger Award

I want to thank Leigh over at By Faith Not By Sight (don’t you just love that blog name) for nominating me for The Unique Blogger Award AND apologize to her for taking so long to do the post. Leigh I am sincerely sorry :):) I usually do better than this. You are such a sweet, kind person, I would never want to take this long to do anything for you :):):)

If you haven’t had a chance to meet Leigh, please take the time to met her. She writes the most wonderful, God filled posts. Leigh’s love for God is evident in all her blog post. Leigh is really one of the most kind children of God you will ever meet. You will love her :):)

Leigh’s Questions for the Nominees are:

1.) Growing up, what was your dream job?
I wanted to be a doctor :)
2.) What is a hobby of yours? (other than blogging! lol)
I don’t know if this counts as a hobby but I love to cook
3.) How old were you when you accepted Christ as your Savior?
I was around 4 or 5, it was prior to kindergarten. I backslide since then, but I never  un-accepted Jesus as my Saviour. By that I mean, I always knew He was my Saviour. I just wasn’t living my life the way that He would want me too. 

Y’all know, by now, how I do this, I nominate any one who wants to participate. You get one question. I was saving this question for when I get the Word Challenge going again but here goes:

Is it more detrimental for you to be around lost sheep, or a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Thank you again Leigh :):)


Author: Margaret from soulfood101blog

Praying the world will read God's Word for themselves, and not rely on what someone else tells them His Word says or means.

36 thoughts on “The Unique Blogger Award”

  1. Congrats Magz!! I know I’m so late with liking and commenting on your posts! *sighs* That’s a convicting question indeed, wow! I would say a lost sheep, rather than one in wolf clothing! God bless you always! Much love and hugs! Xxoo 🌹💕

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  2. Congrats on the award! A great question too, and quite a tricky one. I’d say maybe the latter, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, because they are harder to spot than lost sheep and so their influence, their danger, is more pervasive. Certainly a question that makes you think..!x

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    1. I am doing better. God willing I will be 100% before I know it. I don’t know what God has planned but I am happy that He has me in it :):):) I have missed you my friend. I am trying to get through moderating my comments so I can head to your blog and catch up. How have you been?

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      1. Hang in there, Margaret! You have definitely been missed. WordPress just isn’t the same without you! I have missed you as well.

        It’s been an eventful past month or so, but things are starting to settle down. How are things going with you?

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      2. Things are going just the way God wants them to go, and that gives me the comfort and strength I need. What ever He has planned for me, I am willing!

        I was reading about your past few weeks. I thank God that He is in control of you, that you love Him, and that you are willing to let Him lead you, and use you to do whatever He wants. THAT my friend is the blessing!! I always have you in my prayers, even when your life is going the way you want. I still like to know how things are going with you?

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      3. Thanks, Margaret – your prayers are a blessing. I am praying for you as well!

        Today was a little challenging, as my trust in God is beinf tested by some circumstances I am facing. The test is a familiar one: What (or Whom) is the source of my security and identity? The test is familiar, but not necessarily easy.

        Reading about Abraham in my Bible reading today helped somewhat. It’s not like God gave him a game plan or anything when I told him to leave his homeland. God simply told him, “Go to the place I will show you.” :o

        Thank you for asking. I am still committed to being worry-free in 2018, but anytime you make a resolve, it will be tested! I see the situation for what it is, and hope I finally pass the test this time! ;)

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    1. Thank you Miriam, I can always count on you to be the voice of wisdom. I had to chuckle at “I can cook but I don’t like to cook” hehehe I have certain days like that. I don’t know why. On those days I’m like, who made me the cooker of all things hehehe. Thank you Miriam, I’ll be catching up with your blog soon. I pray all is good with you and your beautiful family :):)

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      1. Thank you, Margaret. I think I’m lucky to have a husband who wants to cook every meal every; day for me since his retirement. It may mean that I eat the same things for lunches and dinners, but that’s okay!! :-)

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  3. I wanted to be an Pastor growing up. But I don’t know what happen. I’m an US Marine/ Business men/ everything but Pastor. I try getting in an church, even started an church once, but never took off. But everything happens for a reason. I love how my life is now. If a church ask me to preach, I’ll say no, because I don’t want to do that anymore. My blog is satisfying ministry for me.

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    1. I didn’t become a doctor either Keith :):) I feel God puts all His children where He wants them to be, so I bet where ever you are that He is using you to serve Him. Are you retired from the Marines or still in? I’m looking forward to reading your blog Keith. I have been away for a bit so I am playing catch up, but I will certainly check it out. God Bless you, I pray your blog continues to bless you. Thank you so much for visiting with me, and sharing your thoughts. They are always welcome here :):)

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      1. I’m 24 years old and been in the Marine Corps for 6 months on this coming Tuesday. I started my ministry when I was 16, in the lunch room of my high school and now I’m reach people all over the world. earlier in 2017, I planted an church and it was doing good, but then I sworn into the Marine Corps and when I did that the members of the church plant stop showing up for worship. So I almost had a church but it died. I’m an reservist, so in about 6 weeks i’ll be back in Texas, once I get back in Texas, I hope to get back to driving for UBER and I don’t know what’s next. Me and my friends started an bible study on the marine base here. I found another christian who wants to be a pastor, so I’m trying to lead him towards that goal and reach people at the same time. God is giving us fruit in the bible study here. It’s been a awesome experience.

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  4. Congrats Margaret and wow, what a question! I have to do some pondering and you can still post it for the Word Challenge if you like.

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      1. Actually, while sitting here replying to your lovely messages, I’ve been thinking about it and I’d rather be around a lost sheep. A wolf in sheep’s clothing is far too dangerous and risky company and they might eat one alive with their false doctrine. I think I just rambled and it made no sense. I also think that it’s time to hit the sack.

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      2. It made perfect sense! I was thinking about it too and they are both kind of the same thing A wolf in sheep clothing is lost too. BUT I feel I see the wolf because I just don’t get a witness with ANY thing they say. If that makes sense. I mean I don’t get a witness with everything some people say, but that wolf, I get no witness with anything they say. A lost sheep I can pray for and love, a wolf I pray for at a distance, lest I get self involved, and then I am not doing what God wants me to do. Of course that is a flaw in me.

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  5. Great question, with a wee bit of pondering I would have to say lost sheep, because they bring out my me, myself, and I, focus on life, rather than my having a God focused life. Whereas a wolf in sheeps clothing is often trying to be the epitome of what they think the perfect Christian is, and since as a Christian, one should follow Christ not man, they do not lead me astray, rather they tend to, in their fake zeal, inspire me to do better. Now I have to add a codicil that I have never personally encountered a wolf out to do intentional harm to others, only the ones who are out to get the sweet serenity available in Christian fellowship without having to have Christ be the Lord of their life. They just don’t get it and work so hard for something that is right there in front of them, free for the asking.

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