Liebster Award


Tashnee V. Mavee nominated me for this award. If you haven’t met Tashnee you are missing a really wonderful blog, that is full of fashion, beauty trends and lots of inspiration :):)

Tashnee asked me:

What you love about blogging and why did you start blogging? I love all the people that I have met here. Every one is so loving, and encouraging. I started the blog to post Bible verses for my family and friends.

1. What motivates you? God

2. Why did you choose blogging? Before I was sending the verses out over a text. The list was getting to big. The blog allowed me to post more verses, and made it easier, plain and simple :)

3. How often do you post? I try to post every day but I do miss a day, here and there.

4. Did blogging change you in the way you use to think before? No

5. If you can give advice to yourself what will it be? Be more patient

6. What is your blog all about? God, and His Word

7.Who inspires you, when comes to blogging? :):):) God :):):)

8.What is your favorite color? It changes, but today it’s blue :)

Thank you again Tashnee for thinking of me :):)

I nominate anyone who wants to participate. It’s always nice to learn more things about you :):) You can answer the same questions Tashnee gave me, plus one more.

My bonus question: Have you ever witnessed a miracle? If so share it with us :)

God bless you :):)

Author: Margaret from soulfood101blog

Praying the world will read God's Word for themselves, and not rely on what someone else tells them His Word says or means.

63 thoughts on “Liebster Award”

    1. Thank you so much Tangie. I don’t know why your posts aren’t showing up in my reader. Especially when your most recent post about your encounter with the gentleman about politics is something that I have been thinking about. You conveyed so well the same things I think about when I see the passion that politics/elections receives when our LORD is the only thing we should be that passionate about.


  1. Congrats Magz!! You so deserve it! I love ALL your answers! God ALONE gets all the honor and glory! 🙏….wow! I’ve experience a lot of miracles, each day that I breathe the breath of life he has given me is a HUGE miracle! One was where my nephew as a baby suffered tremendously from reoccurring seizure’s. It was so bad that one time he passed away in the bathtub. Like he was literally not breathing at all! I was so much younger at the time and although I wasn’t saved yet, I had always believed in God. My mom prayed so hard over his body and God revived him back to life until this day. Thank you Jesus you are truly an awesome God!!! 🙏💖🙌😩!!

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  2. PTL! Congrats on your Liebster, Margaret! May God continue to bless your blog (His blog)! <3
    And yes I have seen the miracle of God in seeing souls saved that were bound by all kinds of evils… including one who was such a huge fan of Charles Manson that he dressed like him, wore his hair and everything the same, and had a horrible attitude towards women. Thinking it was funny. When he was saved, he cut his long hair, shaved, took a bath (which he wouldn't do before… no matter what), and was so influenced by the one who led him to Christ that he immediately started serving in church. His first act of serving was at a ladies banquet, where all the men were doing the cooking and serving. He was so nice, and did a great job! The ladies were so fond of him!
    <3 My God can! <3

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    1. His blog made me smile because I don’t think I’ve ever called it “my” blog, I always refer to it as “the” blog because I don’t feel like its mine :):) What a wonderful miracle, indeed!!! Praise God what a blessing to witness God’s Almighty hands at work :):):) thank you so much Gail, for sharing with us :) God bless you Sister :)


  3. Congratulations. I love that I started checking out blog sites and all the beautiful souls on here, you are one of the special ones. Loved your answer on colors. How can we only have one favorite when the whole rainbow is so beautiful. Although I do have a special spot for blue and green . Thank you for your posts. I did not grow up in a religious home as a child but my father’s side and neighbors (Rita) filled in what I was missing and now you have taken up that spot, so thank you for doing that. I may miss a few of your post now and then because I am off the computer sometimes for days but it puts a smile on my face when I see your posts when ever I am on. It also gives me courage…again, congrats, you deserve it.

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    1. My goodness that blesses me to the core!!! Thank you for saying such a kind, generous thing. I can’t take credit for the verse, we both know those come from God but it makes me happy that you are enjoying them so much. Wow, this has me so happy, I don’t even have the words :):):):) God bless you my friend :)

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  4. Congrats my dear friend! I love reading your answers because you always glorify our Father! Also, I’m happy that your favorite color is blue at the moment. 💙

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  5. Congratulations Margaret! And I found your answer to number 8 to be unique. I don’t believe I’ve ever encountered someone with a rotating favorite color. That’s a fun way to view that question. ☺

    I can’t say that I’ve seen miracles in the pentecostal sense. But I have been the recipient to prayers being answered very rapidly. In one instance, it was probably less than 60 seconds from the time I asked God for help about something, until my phone rang and a man who I had never met called me and answered my question that I’d asked God.
    Maybe that isn’t in the league with people growing limbs or recovering sight…but I’d call what I experienced a miracle. 😀

    But hey, the greatest miracle any of us have ever witnessed is our salvation.

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    1. hahaha I like one colour to peieces then I am fascinated by another. I don’t know why LOL. See, I’d call that a miracle too Lee. I feel that when God moves in such a way, that there is no rational explanation, to me that is a miracle. I looked up the definition of Miracle: “a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency” so see it doesn’t have to be some huge thing, it is kind of like I said. I feel that it’s easy to be wowed by the huge things, but to see the “little” miracles that God does for us is just as important. If we see, recognize, and acknowledge those “little”(and I use that loosely because I don’t see anything God does as little) miracles, well, I feel He will reward us with more of them. But if we just kind of downplay them, then I feel we aren’t being as grateful as we should, and those “little” miracles will dry up :):):) Man will say, you can’t classify that as a miracle, ummmm according to the definition of miracle, yes I can :):):)

      You are absolutely right Lee, for, if I can be saved, that is truly a miracle :):):)

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      1. I don’t know if it’s well said, it’s how I feel about it. Of course, you know how I am about that, just ’cause it’s how I feel doesn’t make it the gospel. I don’t know everything about all things God. It doesn’t make me right, and any one reading this wrong. I’m not a preacher, teacher, prophet, theologian, translator LOL I am a simple child of God. It means read the Bible, talk to the Good Lord. He will guide, and teach anyone who is willing to learn :):):)

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      2. You are too kind Brother. I know that we’ve talked enough that you get what I’m saying and know that I am not trying to tell folks what they should or shouldn’t believe. I also know, with all my heart, that you are strong enough in your faith that my words won’t sway you or stumble you up. I just wanted for anyone else reading, who might be new to the Lord, wouldn’t think oh that’s what I should believe, rather to seek God, for themselves and let Him guide them on what He wants them to believe, not something I said. I forget sometimes that, in these comments, I’m not just talking to you but to anyone who is reading.


      3. No, actually I believe God was using your words to help me get aligned. Sometimes I arrogantly believe that I have all the answers, and embark in discussions like I’m always right. I need humility.
        So as a result of this, when I get home later, I intend to delete most of my posts, and start over.
        Borrowing from your example of citing scripture.

        Thank you for being an instrument that God used to help me. 😊

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      4. I don’t get that from your posts at all Lee. I get a strong sense of your love and passion for God, love for His Word you wanting to spread His Good work, and our salvation through Christ. Brother when God is talking to you, I know you listen. If you’ve talked it over with Him, and He wants you to delete, and start over then by all means do. But if it’s over anything I said, my friend, it’s best to consider the source :):) I am the LAST person I would listen to :):)


      5. And Brother just to clarify, when I say “it’s best to consider the source” I meant “man” and when I said, “I am the LAST person I would listen to” l mean, lean not to thine own understanding, cause I never listen to me, i listen to God :):):)

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  6. Congratulations dear Margret. It is nice knowing what inspired your blogging journey. Sharing verses at first then a bigger platform where more people can see it. Interesting to see how God leads us his children. 😀

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