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The Challenge question on The Word is:

What version of the Bible do you prefer? Please share with us why.

Thank you for participating. God Bless you :)

Author: Margaret from soulfood101blog

Praying the world will read God's Word for themselves, and not rely on what someone else tells them His Word says or means.

28 thoughts on “The Word – Challenge”

  1. Depends on what my nerd or purpose is. I have a King James Version from my days as a catholic but we’ve been through so much together it’s still my go to for deep prayer. My daily go to is the Message version on bible gateway (a website; I visit it if I find myself getting frustrated or stressed at work-I feel like it helps me apply the word to today’s daily life most clearly) and a daily devotion called Daily Word. I don’t know what version they use for scripture but it always points me in the right direction. And finally I have a gigantic study bible, a gift from my sister. That’s for research and is full of historical timelines, notes, highlighted passages. It’s pretty amazing actually.

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  2. The answer for me is โ€œit depends.โ€
    – When I am stretching in the morning and listening to excerpts from the Ols and New Testaments, I generally use the NASB.
    – because I go through the book of Proverbs and Psalms (about) once every month as well, I switch up the translations in order to keep things fresh. I also listen to these as well listen to several different ones.
    – for Bible study, are usually stick with the NASB.
    – At church, we recently switched from the NIV to the ESV, so my โ€œchurch Bibleโ€ is now the ESV, which I generally prefer to the NIV. I have noticed, though, that our pastor does quote the NLT from time to time.
    – for my blog, I use the Bible app and look at the images that I can find there, or create my own. I usually pray before searching for these images and ask God to direct me to the right translation and image for the dayโ€™s post. It seems like the Bible app uses several different kinds the translations, and I like looking at verses in multiple translations to really get a good sense of things (the AMP really helps with this, too).
    – Broadly speaking, I do not consult the MSG. I also do not reference any translations with extrabiblical books in them.
    – if I am volunteering with children, it seems like they do pretty well with the NIV. Personally, the NIV is not my favorite, but as another commenter noted, it can work really well with children and makes things plain. Of the NIV Bibles available, my preference is for the NIV84 translation, but that one is hard to find.
    – Finally, I bought โ€œThe Storyโ€ last year, but have not yet read it. With my book, Iโ€™ll basically be treating it like reading a novel, rather than interpreting Scripture. I simply donโ€™t see it as a Bible.

    This is probably more information than you wanted to know, but these are my answers and Iโ€™m sticking to โ€˜em! :D

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  3. I personally like NIV, but I love my NKJV Bible I got for Christmas. NKJV and KJV are older versions (not so much NKJV) so I feel like it’s more… true I guess. Because NIV was translated from KJV, so different words where used to make it more understandable. So I guess I like NKJV.

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  4. Years ago, when I was super conservative I used the King James, even in my devotional times. But having children changed that. I wanted a version they could understand. Our family began using the NIV so I could read it to them. And for me I noticed I had to interpret the King James even for myself as I was reading it. The Word meant alot more to me, had a greater impact in my heart, in my life when I could understand the deeper meanings of it – which came through beautifully in the NIV. So that is my version of choice now. I am careful though not to accept watered down paraphrases.

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  5. I guess I’ve only owned NIV bibles, so if I had to choose, I would choose that one. But I do like the KJV (my mother has an old one that I used to read sometimes as a child), so I wouldn’t mind reading that as well :)

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  6. Any simple easy to read version apart from The King James…. All the ‘thou… thou ” gets to me. But then again again some scripture verses sound so apt in the king James version ๐Ÿ˜

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  7. I love your word challenges Margaret, they’re a lot of fun.

    I use the king James only.

    I used to use lots of different ones like HCSB, NLT, and my main version… the NASB.
    But after watching Gail Riplinger’s video “new age bible versions” I was horrified at how the wording in my Westcott & Hort derivatives corrupted God’s word, and attacked the Deity of Jesus. After watching that video, I subsequently destroyed all of our non king James bibles.

    And we’ve been lovin the king James ever since.

    Great challenge as usual Margaret! And God bless you, and all of my brethren out there in Christianland.

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    1. Note:

      There are differences in the verses of the different existing translations.

      “41 And while they yet believed not for joy, and wondered, he said unto them, Have ye here any meat?” Luke 24:41

      “41 And when they had not yet believed for joy, and were astonished, he said unto them: Have ye here to eat?” Luke 24:41
      From: Joรฃo Ferreira de Almeida, revised and corrected, loyal, online, in Portuguese. (Google translate)

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