25 thoughts on “Am I?”

  1. This is wonderful for reflection! I am not perfect and I don’t think I’ll ever achieve that level of perfection, but I strive every day to be what He wants me to be, to do what He wants me to. We have to press on despite or short comings.

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  2. Since we live in a fallen world, some of us sin and stray away from God. That is not right. But when you put down fleshly desires and human nature (Romans 8) and focus on what God wants for you, then yes, I think so. Maybe not completely, but everyday I will get closer to the point where God wants me to be.

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  3. As a Believer, God has already equipped me to be who He created me to be. The challenge is often believing and tapping into the power already within me. Thankfully, with His help and His word I am already one step closer. Great question Margaret!💐😊 Have a wonderful day.

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      1. We all fall short sometimes which is why He gave us Grace. I wrestle with purpose all the time and feel guilty for taking naps, sitting on my heels or simply not know what He wants from me but feeling this nagging sense that I should do more. My spiritual superlative is Best Procrastinator ;)

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