Deep Dark Pit of Despair

Have you ever been there?

I’ve found myself in a deep dark pit of despair for about a year and a half.

Shocker. I know. But it happens. Don’t cry for me. I am not alone. The Almighty Creator of everything is my constant companion. The only One. Everyone says God didn’t promise us a rose garden.

Different variations but something to that effect.

Actually, I feel, He did.

It is within us to seize that and make it real.

Do what God wants us to do. Whatever that is.


Not always but necessary to grow and extend past here.

God is not a part time job.

He requires quite a bit.

And yet He also requires so little because He knows we aren’t capable of a lot. :)

Faith. Belief. Really very simple things to accomplish. Didn’t have to run out and fetch the first born of everything. Without blemish. Sacrifice, and all that, that entails.

No sacrifices. There was a last One.


God made it. His only begotten :)

God doesn’t play.

He really doesn’t need us. He wants us. The Creator of all that is and will ever be wants us.

He will show us over and over that it is all Him. About Him. For His glory. Praise His name from the time you wake up until the peaceful sleep He bestows on you :)

The breathe you breath while you are at it. Or is it the breath you breathe. Let me know in the comments below :)

I love God. I love that He loves me no matter what. His love is infinite. Patience the same. But that doesn’t mean there is no punishment for my actions. I would expect nothing less from any loving Father.

He is quick to anger…when I am defiant. When He is not the Center. That’s not His fault.

Those valleys are lots of time self inflicted wounds. God is leading me this way. I see something shiney or honestly think I can help the Creator of all. Then there I go off in the thickets.

I know. One day I will learn but always remain a child because of Him there is no understanding.

The Almighty LORD always has something to teach me. His teachings are from everlasting to everlasting. There is no beginning or end to the thing God can teach us.

The LORD is the only one in the equation that is in control. We are either learning, receiving revelations, blessings, or praise God all of the above.

It will  take an eternity. Therefore He created us to live for eternity.

From Adam to now. The only true thing is God. He has shown us that we need Him.

Once again proving God’s Love. Charity. Mercy. The list is infinite.

Once again proving God is everything.

He will provide. When He is the Center, and that is up to us. :)

When we praise His merciful name from sunup to sundown. Glory given, praise, confirmation of salvation through Jesus Christ. Praise God for doing for us what we were not capable of doing ourselves.

There are thousands of things to praise God for. If we can’t think of at least 12 right this minute then we are not trying hard enough. I might venture to say ungrateful comes to mind. :)

The despair might last for a moment, an hour, a day, a month, or a year. God is there.

He feels the pain we feel. The struggles, the anguish , frustrations. Again, another infinite list.

God always is on this pretty manicured path. Flowers flanking each side. I always start out fairly well. Following the LORD. Content with the nice adventure.

The next thing I know I am over as far as I can get in the ditch with mud up to my knees. All upset :) My wagon is stuck. It’s heavy too with all the things I picked up along the way on the path of good intentions, temptations, and somehow thinking I’m grown. I can do this.

But there is the LORD. Waiting on me. I am but dust. Yet, He is right there teaching, guiding, loving me every step of the way. Setting me up for glorious success.

Another thing to add to the list to thank God for today if you were struggling to get to 12  :)

That deep dark pit of despair isn’t the home God wants for us. He wants none of us to perish. Think of your children, brother, sister, cousin. You wouldn’t want one of the people you know to perish. God knows us all. God wants none of us to perish.

His love is infinitely more than we can comprehend. No one can love at His level.

He Gave His only Son. Y’all would have been on your own if that was up to me.

My only begotten? Take a second and seriously think about it. Would you do that for us?







Author: Margaret from soulfood101blog

Praying the world will read God's Word for themselves, and not rely on what someone else tells them His Word says or means.

41 thoughts on “Deep Dark Pit of Despair”

  1. Thank you for your testimony that God is God and we are God’s creation. I’ve known the dark, the despair of the believer who suddenly cannot see any purpose or hope. I have had times where there was no light at the end of the tunnel nor a direction for glimpsing light at the top of the pit. But I, like you, found a firm place to stand. For myself, the solid ground was that God is, and God rewards those who seek Him. To me this is faith; walking by faith not by sight. It is all fine for some to say faith is the assurance of things hoped for… &c. But that has no practical point if you end there. God does not leave us with ambiguities. He must strip us of all that does not reflect the image of The Son, and it is not necessarily pleasant to have parts of ourselves hammered, chiseled, ground down, scraped away, and more. But we are God’s creation, whether we are saved or unsaved. He is the Potter, we are the clay.
    I really appreciated your post and the interaction in the comment sections. We do not sing the Walmart song “happy-happy-Walmart”, but we sing “To God be the glory”. The peace of Christ to you.

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    1. Thank you for sharing such a great testimony yourself :) It was so good I had to read it a few times :) That’s a blessing. I agree that, “God does not leave us with ambiguities.” Isn’t that the truth :) He is certainly very to the point. I was thinking tonight when we are in a pile on the floor we certainly are very pliable :)
      Thank you again for sharing your testimony. I ask the LORD to continue to bless you :)


  2. This is a beautiful post, me dearest, and all that you’ve said about our Father is true. I send hugs your way! 💙💙

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    1. 💙 By the way, I keep forgetting to tell you but I was very happy about the direction you were going to be taking with your blog post. I love when you write about God because I truly feel Him. It comes from Him. I feel Him through your words. I get a witness with what you say. That is one of the best blessings the LORD gives us is that feeling of HIm speaking, confirming what we might not be able to physically hear :) And even when it’s not something that fits that category it just helps us with our growth with Him when we read a post that is truly Him. Also you give Him the glory :) :) :) that will always put a smile on my face :) 💙

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      1. Thank you, me dearest! To God be the glory always! I have to step aside to let Him enter the room. It’s not about me, but Him. 💙😄

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  3. Your perspective, strength and attitude is humbling, and I love how passionate you are about your faith. He will take on what you can’t and will always be there to make sure you are okay. I wish you weren’t in the darkness, where the despair lurks, a place I know all too well myself. But keep that hope alive for there will be brighter days. xxxx

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  4. This is so very true Margaret when you say that you would not give up your son to save the world we would be left on our own in darkness. The truth is—I would not give up my son—never mind my only son for others either. Yet, so often we think we know what it means to truly love. God simply is love. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. I pray this long dark night will soon be over and one day soon we will all have the capacity to love as God loves.

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  5. He gives beauty for ashes
    Gladness for mourning
    Peace for despair – Ron Kenoly & Cristal Lewis
    The above song blessed me so much when I felt despair. One thing is sure +God is Got you Margret, holding your hands. And his love is so deep. Hugs & kissses 🙅😘

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  6. Thank you Margaret for reminding us that God is always near. We all fall into that deep dark pit of despair at times. What brings me back from that dark place is God. If not for God’s love and knowing that he is right beside me always – I would be lost and probably not even be here today. If God loved us so much that he gave his Son to die for our sins then life is worth living to serve the Lord. It’s hard to tell others when you are sinking in the mire of life and I appreciate you bearing your soul to help others. God bless you Margaret.

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    1. So true Peggy. I have learned over the years to say, I’m fantastic :) Because I got sick of saying I’m fine when I wasn’t. Most of the time people don’t expect it from me and so they don’t know what to say if I say well you know things are bad, sad, etc. So, fantastic I am :) I know that there is nothing that man can provide me that will help me out of that pit. God is the only answer just like you said. He didn’t put me in the pit. He didn’t even dig the pit. I am always the one responsible for it. I get too caught up in the details, and not the Details if that makes sense :) God is so good though. Even though He didn’t put me in that pit, He is always right there waiting to pull me out of it. Praise God for His love.

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      1. I always say I am fine when I am not. So like you I will just say I’m fantastic too. Each day I thank God for another day – whether the day is good or bad. It is hard to get out of the pit – but I try with prayer and God’s help. Distraction with my favorite music, a good clean novel, or visiting a favorite friend puts me in a better mood. The older I get the harder it becomes to stay out of that pit. Mankind has strayed from God and is making this world evil and violent. Yet gathering with brothers and sisters in Christ will automatically lift my spirits. I pray you find peace, love, calmness, and kindness in your life Margaret. Hugs and love to you. xoxoxox

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  7. I wish I had a nickel for every time I went in the ditch or through the thicket, down the rabbit hole or off the rails. Yet it’s true, God is always there. May He bless you richly with His grace and peace in Jesus, Margaret.

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  8. “He really doesn’t need us. He wants us. The Creator of all that is and will ever be wants us. The despair might last for a moment, an hour, a day, a month, or a year. God is there!” Some wonderful takeaways, and lovely share, Margaret! God bless!

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    1. He does, and I am. God gives me everything that I need. The deep dark pit of despair is always of my own making. :) The LORD has blessed me beyond any measure that I should ever deserve. Even in my darkest times, I know He will never leave me. Every one can flee, everyone can say you’ve got this or they wish there was something they could do but God always stays and is the only one Who can really help me :) He wants to comfort me. He wants me to be content with Him, and all that stands for. Praise God for His grace :)

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  9. Wow…You have pour out, writing so very much! Quite expressive. I’m truly grateful for God’s Unconditional Love towards us. Giving us himself as ultimate gift of Sacrifice in the person of Jesus, Lord and Savior. You made a very valid point how many of us would have done that for a fallen world. Jesus all human taking on every sin ever committed and those in the future. We go through trials, tribulations, yet Gracefully Broken. His Mercies are made New every day. Love and Forgiveness is offered and extended to Whosoever will, let him come, the Light in the Pit of Despair.
    InHisCare 🙏

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    1. That’s what I should have named this, “The Light in the Pit of Despair”. Well said. Your kind words are greatly appreciated. I could feel your love and I was praying that was how every one would receive it :) Thank you for your kind encouragement, thoughtful, and thought provoking comment :)

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      1. You are certainly welcome. The pleasure is all mine.
        I am truly humbled.
        Thanks for receiving the words the flowed from my heart, as they came so clearly, connecting to your piece.

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    1. Praise God it is a blessing to be lifted up! It is appreciated and yet I feel there are so many more people out there who have it way worse than me. I am blessed. They are blessed as well. As bad as it is from every ones perspective…God really does have this under control. It is up to us. Do we turn to Him, and reap the blessings? Or do we do what we want to do and reap the benefits that yields? I strive to turn to Him because the blessings are so much more peaceful. But I also have to disclaim I do what I want too many times. Which always leads to nothing good :)

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    1. He is the ONLY One that is there :) I could not imagine the love that takes. The burden and joy of every ones everything. I deal with “man” issues every day. But not every man’s issues every day as He does. I pray one day that I come close to deserving it :)

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