38 thoughts on “Hummingbirds playing nice :)”

    1. It’s because they kept fighting over the feeders. This was just one of many feeders I had around the yard. I was sitting there watching them fight, and I told them if they didn’t stop fighting over all that food, I’d put the feeders up. The next time I came out this is what I found :) I took pictures at the time because I knew no one would believe me. hahaha

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      1. Sometimes the doves that visit us in our garden will fight over the food. I will go out there and tell them all to stop that, that there is enough for everyone, then I go in and get more for them. My daughter laughs at me when she sees me doing that. I just tell her I want a peaceful garden and everyone needs to learn how to share.

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      2. It’s true. Those hummingbirds for weeks were fighting, dive bombing, and chasing each other. I kid you not I had at least 5 feeders that I filled every day. I told them to stop it or I’d put the feeders us, and to my surprise they stopped, and began landing and eating together :) My neighbor said hers never did that, I told her to tell them to stop. She laughed :)


    1. You are most welcome Vivian :) Glad you enjoyed them. Yes up until my “little talk” with them they wouldn’t even land but hover, and eat quickly. Because as you see there are a few of them and another would be along to chase whichever one that was eating away hahaha :) But they listened and decided to play nicely and share :)

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      1. I’m so blessed by these pictures! They look like perfect angels in them!🤣 I love your little talk with them, it reminds me of the verse (I don’t know exactly where) about one speaking as having authority! Haha! Bless you Margaret! 🤣❤

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