Hummingbirds playing nice :)







Author: Margaret from soulfood101blog

Praying the world will read God's Word for themselves, and not rely on what someone else tells them His Word says or means.

38 thoughts on “Hummingbirds playing nice :)”

    1. It’s because they kept fighting over the feeders. This was just one of many feeders I had around the yard. I was sitting there watching them fight, and I told them if they didn’t stop fighting over all that food, I’d put the feeders up. The next time I came out this is what I found :) I took pictures at the time because I knew no one would believe me. hahaha

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      1. Sometimes the doves that visit us in our garden will fight over the food. I will go out there and tell them all to stop that, that there is enough for everyone, then I go in and get more for them. My daughter laughs at me when she sees me doing that. I just tell her I want a peaceful garden and everyone needs to learn how to share.

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      2. It’s true. Those hummingbirds for weeks were fighting, dive bombing, and chasing each other. I kid you not I had at least 5 feeders that I filled every day. I told them to stop it or I’d put the feeders us, and to my surprise they stopped, and began landing and eating together :) My neighbor said hers never did that, I told her to tell them to stop. She laughed :)


    1. You are most welcome Vivian :) Glad you enjoyed them. Yes up until my “little talk” with them they wouldn’t even land but hover, and eat quickly. Because as you see there are a few of them and another would be along to chase whichever one that was eating away hahaha :) But they listened and decided to play nicely and share :)

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      1. I’m so blessed by these pictures! They look like perfect angels in them!🤣 I love your little talk with them, it reminds me of the verse (I don’t know exactly where) about one speaking as having authority! Haha! Bless you Margaret! 🤣❤

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