Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? Β or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed? –Matthew 6:31

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. –Matthew 6:33

Author: Margaret from soulfood101blog

Praying the world will read God's Word for themselves, and not rely on what someone else tells them His Word says or means.

23 thoughts on “8/31/2019”

      1. It is as it should be, right? For who of us are in control of these things but the Good LORD. The house is coming along starting to look like a home again just as another hurricane is headed this way :) Not my will but the LORD’s for He loves us and will provide :)

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      2. Thank God and thank you dearest Sister. Your love for our Father, and for me is such an encouraging blessing. I don’t know if you would have thought me very positive earlier. I was moving boxes, again, and there was a little bit of grumbling going on. But God is quick to grab me and not let me get too far off the right path. He knows me, and I know He wants me to be grateful, and joyous ALL the time but He also knows I am not fully capable, not yet. One day, LORD willing one day I will be :)

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      3. Don’t dwell on it; we’re only humans after all so sometimes emotions are bound to get the best of us no matter what. That doesn’t stop me from thinking positively of you. πŸ’™ One day Lord willing, you and I will be molded completely into the person He wants us to be. May He continue to bless you, me dearest. You’ve been a tremendous blessing to me!

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      4. I try not to for I know God knows that I am as flawed as they come, and a little grumbling is worlds away from where I was :) I do feel ungrateful about it after because God is so good to me. Even when I don’t understand it, in the end, it always works out for the best :) I will try to keep up but we will be evacuating our temporary home in the morning. The storm isn’t changing course so LORD willing we will have to hahaha :) Praying it will be over with quickly. Praying for everyone who has already been through it. Praying for everyone here as there are people here who are still without homes from the storm last year, and it will be years before they get their homes back. Now they are facing another. Praying for us all :) Praying for our home as well since they have just begun repairing it from the storm last year, and are about 40% into the work. Just praying for every one :) Praise the LORD for His mercy is never ending

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      5. Yes, He’s always good to us! I hear you, sis, for whenever I feel myself grumbling, I immediately feel bad as well. Amen and Amen. May the Lord’s will be done. I’ll keep praying on my end as well. I am happy that you’re in safe dwelling despite what’s going on around you.

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      6. We made it through safely. After the power was restored we ventured over to our temporary home. It wasn’t so fortunate. The unit above us had roof damage so of course as water will do it flooded our temporary home. I don’t know where we will stay now. Our home is no where near livable, and rentals here are scarce. I am trusting God will provide, He always does. I feel horrible for the owners who had blessed us so much with the place they so generously let us stay, even at a financial loss to themselves. Praying for them.

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      7. We are staying the building behind our house. It has an upstairs. Fortunately we are able to use the bathroom in the house, although it’s not fully functional lol it is working enough though. We are eating sandwiches, and such since there is no kitchen but it will be ok. It is only temporary, right? Like the LORD says, this is only temporal :) It’s like I tell anyone that is struggling there is a huge blessing waiting for us on the other side of this. The old evil one doesn’t work this hard to stop you, make you turn around, make you just give up unless he knows that God is getting to ready to bless you abundantly :) Thank God for His mercy, and strength :)

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      8. Bless God for His sweet mercies for even in time of trouble, He forsakes not. Yes, it’s only temporary and there is a wonderful blessing at the end of this even if you’re not able to see it now. You’ve truly learned to be content in whatever state you’re in all thanks to our Father. May He continue to bless and guide you. πŸ’™

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