am the LORD: that is My name: and My glory will I not give to another, neither My praise to graven images. — Isaiah 42:8

Author: Margaret from soulfood101blog

Praying the world will read God's Word for themselves, and not rely on what someone else tells them His Word says or means.

9 thoughts on “9/16/2019”

    1. I read the post and I am not the be all end all of what to do but since you asked for my imput I will gladly answer you here, If someone out right says GD I will repeat, take it back say you are sorry until they do. I have never had anyone refuse. That is not me that is the power of God. If someone says Jesus Christ, I will say Praise our Saviour, hallelujah or something to that effect. If they say they are offended I tell them that is between them and God, well, because it is. I am not saying it is the way everyone should say or do it but I feel it is the way I should :) If they ask what I mean then there is a seed to be planted :) And if they say they don’t believe my answer is always that is between you and God. Because, well it is :) I am not here to judge but I am also not here to be ashamed of God, or Jesus our Saviour. There might be many reasons I get turned away from those pearly gates on the day of our judgment but it wont be because I was ashamed :) I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with us :) LORD, I ask you to bless Laura :)

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      1. You are most welcome Laura. You are more than welcome to copy and paste my reply. I try not to voice my feelings anywhere but here on such matters because here is the place God put me. If that makes sense :) LORD, thank You for continuing to bless Laura :)


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