The Blue Sky Tag


Grace at Following Him Beside Still Waters nominated me for The Blue Sky Tag. Thanks so much for thinking about me. I am humbled. If you haven’t met Grace you should go and check Grace out. You will love everything on Her blog.

The rules are:

  • 11 tags, 11 answers, 11 questions
  • Use the Blue Sky banner
  • It is sort of polite to mention the person who tagged you
  • You need to answer the 11 questions set by your tagger
  • You will need to make up 11 original and interesting or funny questions for those you tag.
  • You need to tag 11 people

Questions Grace asked:

  1. What is a book you have read recently? The Bible
  2. Do you like thunderstorms? No
  3. What is your favorite genre to read? The Bible :)
  4. Do you have a pet? No
  5. Do you have a favorite song or a song you’ve been listening to on repeat? None at the moment
  6. Do you like to travel? Yes, but I don’t get to very much
  7. Cats or dogs? Cats
  8. Would you rather take a walk in nature or a walk in the city? Walk in nature
  9.  Favorite book or chapter in the Bible? All of them :) 
  10. What is your favorite season? Spring
  11. What has God taught you lately? He is trying to teach me something but I am not getting it. Or I wouldn’t keep asking, “why does this keep happening”

As always, I nominate anyone who wants to participate, and I only have one question:

1. What have you thanked God for today?

Thanks again for thinking of me for this tag Grace, and I thank God for continuing to bless everyone who reads this :)

Author: Margaret from soulfood101blog

Praying the world will read God's Word for themselves, and not rely on what someone else tells them His Word says or means.

21 thoughts on “The Blue Sky Tag”

  1. Congratulations Margaret, you deserve this. I just finished up writing about that accident my husband was in(for Sunday) and I also have been having a lot of moments of why’s but God is always there by our sides helping us and giving us so many gifts. I have learned so much and am so thankful that my husband is okay.

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  2. Congratulations on the tag! I think spring is a wonderful season too, so full of hope and a sense of refreshment. Good question you’ve set, too – today I’m thankful for a home in which to feel safe and comfortable, dry and warm, I am very lucky to have that.
    How’re you getting on at the moment, Margaret? I do hope you’re managing okay.. I’m not sure if I’ve missed any personal update posts of yours as I’m rather behind at the moment so I’ll have to check. I hope you have a restful weekend 🌹
    Caz xx

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    1. That is a beautiful thing to be thankful for Caz :) thank you for sharing it with us.

      I am taking it one step at a time. I haven’t posted any updates. I am just too tired lol. No rest for me as of late but rest will come when it comes. I am thankful God is giving me the strength to do what has to be done, and not grumbling too much about it hahaha :) I’d be lying if I said I don’t grumble at all but I’ll take not too much for now :) Thank you so much for asking.

      How are you feeling?

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      1. Absolutely no pressure on doing updates, you just focus on what you need to do. But – rest is important, you are important, so please do take good care of yourself. I’m a pro at both nagging and grumbling 😉 My fingers are crossed things go smoothly and as well as possible over the next week, Margaret. Sending hugs xxxx

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  3. The storms come, and the rain falls… from the eyes. Sometimes we/I/you wonder why… me? I’ve learned that it’s when the heart, knows how to trust His love; even if the storm within the soul, doesn’t become the calm! When He’s ready my sister, your heart will receive the answer! God bless, you in my prayers!

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    1. So happy you liked that answer but it is true. I can never pick just one. It’s like this one is my favourite then I start another Book and think the same thing :) haha :)

      I know the feeling. I am so hard headed the LORD must shake His head at me :) But I know there is a lesson here. I have believed for decades when I hear “why does this keep happening” my first thought is always because we haven’t learned whatever lesson the LORD is trying to teach us. :) Thankfully He loves us enough to be a Good and patient teacher Who will keep teaching until it sinks in :)

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