God is merciful… an update

Well if you have been keeping up, you know what is going on. If you haven’t here are the links to what has been going on in my life. Or should I say the life God has planned before I was born :) Praise the LORD :)

Here are the links to all that preludes this post, in case you missed them:
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An update….progress is good?

Well, since all of that happened the LORD has proven to me once again that man knows nothing.

Man said this would be months in the making. God proves that with Him all things are possible and it has taken a fraction of that time.

It has been lots of hard work but He has given us the strength to be able to accomplish this.

We are back in our house.

Everything is mold free. Everything works. Building inspections have all passed. AND the building inspector couldn’t stop raving about how he has been in million dollar houses and $50,000  houses and  he could not remember one of them. None of those houses stood out but, to him, our house is beautiful.

I might have blown this off as him being nice but he went on and on about every detail about how our home stood out. About how as he walked up the porch, looking in, all he could think was, “this is so beautiful.”

Praise the LORD. :)

Now, the miraculous part of the story, if that wasn’t miraculous enough. We will probably be moving soon. Really soon as God has provided us with an opportunity that is more than what we could have imagined. Which is what His Word says, does it not?

It is a great opportunity for us, and travel galore! I just talked about traveling, LORD willing in the post The Barnabas Award, and hallelujah. God has provided. You can read it here. I don’t mean just a little travel here and there. I mean a lot of travel all over the world!!!

Again I stand in awe of our Almighty God :)

I am in such awe of all that our Almighty God provides that I really don’t know what else to say in this post other than our LORD hears our prayers. He answers us. And He fights for us every single minute of every single day. He loves us so much more than we can comprehend.

So, when things look impossible, they are not because we have God. Get ready for God has something greater than you ever imagined waiting for you on the other side of what we  perceive “impossible”.

LORD, thank You for blessing everyone reading this post :)

Author: Margaret from soulfood101blog

Praying the world will read God's Word for themselves, and not rely on what someone else tells them His Word says or means.

35 thoughts on “God is merciful… an update”

  1. I read this beautiful update with a smile ten miles wide! God, thank You for rewarding my sister’s trust, faith, and patience in You!

    And what’s this I hear about traveling? I look forward to your new adventures with the Lord in the driving seat. I am so happy for you! Continue to bless Him, praise Him, and to share His thanksgiving!

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    1. YESSSS!!!! I remembered you commenting the LORD willing those travels will come, and not even a month(maybe longer, or maybe less than) they are going to come!!!

      I will be flying. ME, flying in planes hahaha who would have thought! My luggage got here Saturday. Hubby is enjoying all the questions I have, or maybe it’s amusing him. He has traveled all these years with his previous career, and due to it’s nature, family isn’t allowed hahaha. So, I am asking him all these questions about flights, bags, allowable items, etc and he thinks it’s hilarious. His standard answer(which is his answer for most all of my life’s concerns) It will be fine baby. Hahaha I can’t wait to take pictures, and post them with the Bible verses, and to be sure, If I am any where in the world close to you, I would love to visit :) Praise the LORD!

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      1. I am very happy for you, me dearest! You’re going on an exciting new adventure and it’s going to be awesome! I can’t wait for you to tell us of your travels.

        Haha! Like they say, there is a first time for everything. I’m yet to even get on one! Haha! You better listen to the hubby now! ^.^ I’ll definitely love that! Yes. May His Name continue to be praised while we still have breath left!

        Thank You, Lord, for blessing my dear sister in more ways than one.

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  2. Oh, WOW, Margaret.. this is fantastic! I’m so glad you’re back home and everything has been sorted out. Fully functioning and mould-free, and even the house inspector wants to move in 😉Absolutely brilliant, I’m so glad! The next bit of news is very intriguing.. so a move, and potentially lots of travel too. Are you able to tell us more about this soon? I’m so nosy!
    I’m so, so pleased things are moving in the right direction. Miracles indeed, and all thoroughly deserved. Lots of love to you  ♥
    Caz xx

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    1. Hahaha I know it is amazing :) I was just able to sit down, look around, exhale and think, now I can get some rest. My body has really been revolting on me with all the work, and stress. Then I’m given the news of the opportunity hahaha I looked at hubby and said, so now that all this is cleaned and put in its place I need to start packing it all up? Hahahaha I say that in the most jovial way. He was laughing and said , no, they will pay movers to pack it all up and move it. But what we will probably do is keep our freshly finished home, and just rent a place in the new state we will be moving to. Get something furnished, and just take our essentials with us. From what I understand, we won’t be there much anyway, we will be traveling. I am excited, and a little anxious. I have never lived any where but here. And never traveled much either. Never, ever been out of the country hahaha But I am thankful, and can’t wait to see what adventures the LORD has in store for us :)

      Loved your update post. I am a glove person too, and does that same company make them in a sock version? The package looks just like socks we got for me last year. I keep my feet under a heating blanket because both hands and feet are always freezing. We found them at a store but they only had one pair and we ordered more on line. The package looked just like the one your gloves came in. I know, I know, I can just click the link and look myself, and I probably will if you don’t know about the socks because I too am nosey hehehe :)

      The pen haul :) :) made me smile. Hubby says I am a pen hoarder. I have a WHOLE storage container of pens. No one is allowed in it hahahaha. If they need a pen, marker, etc, they ask, and I retrieve it from the container :) :)

      Don’t let the things that “need” to get done get you too, oh I don’t know the right words but get you feeling a certain way. It will all get done when it gets done, or it won’t. Easy for me to say, right? Especially since all the crap I did the past few months BUT once I settled into that mind set of it will get done or it won’t, things seemed to be easier. Like the pressure released. :) As far as the operations, wow. To the doctors they are all so “routine” AND it’s not being do to them, so the process, recovery, etc, is in a different realm of thinking. I am praying it all goes well, that it will be better. And your healing looked great :)

      See this is why I don’t post comments all the time, I end up typing a novel.

      Thank you for all your support Caz, and much love, and big huge hugs to you :) :)

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      1. Hahahah I don’t know if I’d be laughing jovially or a little hysterically being told that after all the worries with getting the house put back together that it would need to be packed up because we’re leaving 😂 It’s just such a huge thing to have happen, and so out of the blue! I am absolutely thrilled for you! Especially as you’ve not travelled before, this is the chance for a whole new adventure. If you go ahead with it, that is. What state would you be going to? Or at least, technically going to, before you travel around more? I’m so curious! But you can tell me to mind my own business if you would rather keep it quiet for now 😉

        That’s right, the SockSnob people sell thermal socks too! They sell the Heat Holders ones and other ones, there are some in a really cute pattern that I was looking at the other day. I currently wear two pairs of socks, which isn’t the most comfortable. Thermal socks would be a more logical option! Just tried to see if I could find what you may be referring to… https://amzn.to/2Xl9QzU

        Thank you for your kind words, Margaret. I think I just get into such a cycle over over-stressing myself because I feel guilty if I don’t get things done. “…once I settled into that mind set of it will get done or it won’t, things seemed to be easier” – sometimes we forget the world won’t fall apart if things don’t get done, so I hope you can keep hold of that thought and remember it if you start to feel overwhelmed with things to do, too  ♥

        Caz xx

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      2. Yes it was jovial but then the reality set in but it is fine. It will get done when it gets done. :) I am going to keep telling myself that, although it is easier said than done. Like you said, we see things backing up, and it gets overwhelming. Hubby will be working, so I feel I can take my time. Plus if this place will really pay for movers, that will be a huge load off. Because I am exhausted. My joints ache and they never did that before. My Epstein Barr is winning right now lol. We will be going to Texas :)

        Yes!!! Those are the socks! They are so warm. The only issue is that they are so thick it is hard to wear them with shoes, unless you buy all new shoes in a bigger size. I wear them around the house, and change into a regular pair of wigwam thermal socks when I leave the house. Oh and be sure not to wash them with anything else the first couple of times because all that thick fuzzy stuff sheds the first couple of times. After that, they are just fine, and won’t cover your other clothes in fuzz :)

        What??? the world won’t fall apart if things don’t get done hahahaha. That is the truest statement ever. Guilt and stress have been my best friends most of my life. You would think they would be nicer to me for putting up with them all these decades hahaha but no, they just nag away at us don’t they. I am learning, all these things that aren’t getting done only really bother me :) :) Nobody else cares. They have their own mountain piling up, right?

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    1. No your wording was perfect! I received it with the wisdom it contained. Reading any of the previous updates, joy wasn’t the topic of a few of them but it should have been because the joy that God provides is ALWAYS there. I just don’t always see it. My default setting should be to jump up and down and praise God instead of wondering why, as I grumble about it :) So, no your wording was perfect Lee, and you picked just the right words :)

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  3. Praise the Lord for all God is doing for you!
    Such praise and glory on the home that become crowns to lay at His feet! :)
    I’m excited for you and look forward to reading the blessings as they continue to flow! <3
    Me and God love you, Maragret! <3

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  4. Wow Margaret, I love this. I love hearing when God has answered another prayer. Reading this gave me goosebumps and while I read each paragraph I remember to thank God because this prayer of yours was also one of mine for you, so I I also and thanking God.

    It makes me very happy to know God is giving you plenty of gifts. And thank you for praying for my friends up north too, I put them in my prayers for the monthly updates and just heard that my friend’s husband is doing great and he had heart surgery.

    He is back home and it has been weeks since his surgery. He is ready to start driving again I heard. I love hearing that. God is always there by our side. Now I am praying for my aunt and my cousin. They are both sick and just not having the best time with things, nothing ever seems to go their way.

    My Aunt always prays for so many everyday as soon as she wakes and when she goes to sleep at night. She is so strong but I just got back from a visit with her and she is suffering because her son is also suffering at the moment. She tries to hide her tears too, which I know is hard. So please keep them in your prayers and God bless you and your family. Have a beautiful week and congrats on the travels you will be taking.

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    1. Reading about you and you aunt is such a blessing, The testimony of prayer warriors are the best encouragement, are they not?

      The LORD will always provide for us. Even when we don’t see it, or even feel it. I know people will say “feel it” Yes feel it because believe me when my house was demolished, when your up north neighbors had trials, when you aunt is going through struggles that aren’t hers but are because they are her family, her heart. Yes when we can’t feel it, God feels it. He feels every single struggle, pain, tear, etc that we go through.

      I know what I feel when my child suffers. Imagine what God feels when we suffer. It breaks my heart because I know it is more than I will ever understand. Praise the LORD for His love, His mercy and for always fighting for us, just like we fight for our children, family, and friends because we aren’t just friends and family to Him, we are ALL His children. Just imagine that :)

      Imagine, if that was your child. What would you feel? Then multiply that by a number we can’t even name and that is what God feels for us through everything.

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      1. This is so beautiful Margaret. We are all God’s children and connected through God. God is always by our sides and I know he is there with my aunt as she goes through this. Thank you Margaret for being so kind in everything you do.

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    1. Amen my friend. I have been so exhausted from all the work, I haven’t been as present with my blogging family as I would like. I read every ones posts but haven’t been as vocal in the commenting deparment but thank the LORD with a blog It can be done from every where :) I am hoping that I will not only be able to keep posting the verses everyday but LORD willing be able to share some great travel stories also :) I was reading your post earlier. And so agree. It is so easy to see in others what we don’t want to see in ourselves. Your post was spot on that in that realization is the key to loving everyone. Especially the ones that mirror our perceived flaws, and therefore loving ourselves too. The verse you used was one of my favourites, and one that I comes to mind when I feel like judging someone else, and usually it is for something I do all the time myself :) Great insight :)

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