An update…Peace and Joy as only God can give

Here is an update on all that is going on. You can read about how all this started in the links below:

After finally getting our home back to being a home which turned out beautiful. As we were cleaning and moving in the last of our belongings hubby got a job offer in another state.

So, the journey began to find housing, pack up the things we needed to live and move half way across the country. Leaving our newly finished home, and move from where I had lived my whole life to a new place that I had never been.

I am not one that likes large changes, and this year has been full of them.

I’m sitting here in a lawn chair that we brought to put on our little patio. We had ordered a couch weeks ago that was suppose to be delivered the day we arrived. We got a call the second day of our drive here telling us it wouldn’t arrive until the end of January. The concern I was already having about how would we fit the few things we brought into this little apartment that is the size of our living room at home, and now we have nothing to sit on to add to that.

Thank God that we lean on His understanding and not ours, as we did in the past or this would have been a breaking point for sure.

We arrived, moved all the boxes up the stairs. Once I started unpacking, as always, the LORD provided everything we brought a place to store. It was as if the loaves and fishes. The rooms, cabinets, spaces just grew and grew to accommodate our needs.

We rushed out to find a couch, and once again the Good LORD provided that too. Due to the holidays it won’t be delivered until tomorrow but thats better than the end of January. Praise God.

Our home in North Carolina, was out in the woods. Across from a hunting preserve so nothing but trees, and animals for as far as you could see. It was 30 minutes from everything.  Except the ocean, which was at the end of our road, well at the end of every road hahaha :)  Here I am in surrounded by buildings, stores galore. Everything is right around the corner, minutes away,  and lots of people. No water that I can see but I am at peace.

The peace that only God can give.

Without Him, this would have been crushing to me in the past. But as I stood on our patio looking out at the rooftops all I could hear were the birds chirping, peace and quiet. The warm rays of the sun.  What a blessing.

This morning we got up and did a kind of dance as hubby helped me prepare our breakfast. With such a small space to cook in being quit different than what we left but it was beautiful maneuvering around each other. It was joyful to participate in the blessing the LORD has given us. Not saying we lived in a huge mansion back home, far from it but as I said this apartment would fit in our living room to give you a scale of things. Even so it felt like we had always been here and that the small space was growing by the minute.

God is good to us, if we will see it. If we don’t get bogged down with “why’s”

God takes care of the “why’s” for us if we will get out of His way and let Him do what He does, and that is take care of all our needs.

LORD, thank You for giving us peace and joy on this day that is celebrated as Your Son, our Saviours birth. Thank You for working all things for our good, and not wanting any of us to be unhappy but blessed beyond what we could ever imagine. Thank You for filling me with the peace and joy that only You can. I ask that everyone feel this peace and joy that only You can provide. In Jesus holy name. Amen.

LORD, thank You for blessing everyone reading this :)

Author: Margaret from soulfood101blog

Praying the world will read God's Word for themselves, and not rely on what someone else tells them His Word says or means.

37 thoughts on “An update…Peace and Joy as only God can give”

  1. Just got online for a quick catch up on some of my followers and with you being one of my favorites I realize I have a lot of catching up to do. So happy to read this, that you are now in your new home. God put you and your husband there for a reason and now you will know all the good you both will do. I also believe that God provides everything we need. We went up north for a day right before Christmas to deliver gifts and I got so busy packing and reminding everyone to pack warm things that I forgot to put my own boots on. By the time we were half way there I looked down at my feet and noticed I was still in my house slippers. We were headed up where there was ice and snow, so no place for slippers. Sure enough when we got to a little town on the way in we stopped at a thrift store and right there under one of the shelves were some really warm snow boots and they fit me when I slipped them on. It was like God had them waiting there for me the whole time. So many gifts and signs all the time out there in the world that God is always there and by our sides looking out for all his children. Love reading your updates. Have fun in your new home and God Bless you and your family, have a beautiful New Year too.

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    1. I love it! Yes, He put those there right for you. This is such a joy and blessing to read. A great reminder that the LORD always has our best interest at heart. What a comfort :) We are settling in. It certainly is a big change of pace. I was from a one road town…hahaha.. nw there are more roads than I can count. But I am feeling calm and relaxed. God is giving me the peace that only He can provide that is for sure :) It is always a pleasure seeing you :)


  2. Awww friend. Wonderful to read what’s happening now. Reminds me out the expression “home is where the heart is”. As hard as it had to be to leave, your acceptance and graciousness shine through. A true role model for us all.

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    1. I am thankful for your words my friend :) I laughed right out loud when I read role model. I am humbled AND I laughed because I thought poor thing if I am a role model hehehe. I am a mess more than not. A bag full of anxiety majority of the time. That is the reason God gets that glory for the peace and joy because without Him shew, I would have dug a hole and jumped in :) :)

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  3. Good luck in your new small home. Sounds like you have acquired the peace you need to thrive in your new surroundings. God bless the days to come in your life Margaret. Love n hugs to you and your hubby.

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    1. God gave it to me Peggy. If I had to acquire it, my goodness, we’s still be waiting, and I still wouldn’t be seeing the blessings. I’d be too busy with “why did we have to move”, and “why didn’t the furniture come” and “why did we pay them in full” and the why’s would go on forever. God is so merciful, it still amazes us.

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  4. Everything in His perfect timing.😊 We may not be able to see tomorrow but we can take comfort knowing that He is in control. Merry Christmas Margaret to you and yours. May His praises always be in your mouth as He takes you through this new chapter of your life. Best wishes to you and your family.

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    1. Praise the LORD and I thank Him Cherylene. And thank you for you kind encouragement. Not that I expect anything less from you since you offer that encouragement with every post, and every comment you make :) If I can get those praises “always” in my mouth, and I mean always, what a wonderful thing that would be. I am, or should I say God is working on me but I certainly do have my moments :) Thank God for He is quick to snatch me back, and thank Him for giving me(finally) the wisdom to know when He is doing so, and submit :)


    1. You are too sweet to me dear Megala :) I am not special by any means. God showers us all with blessings. It is the “seeing” them part :) It took me years before I saw the blessings. I’d miss them because of the little “why”s” In years past I would have been upset by “why didn’t they get us our couch. We ordered it when we were suppose to.” Or “why did we have to leave our home?” Or “why do we have to be away from family?” And the list could go on and on really. If that makes any sense LOL.

      I was thinking about you yesterday as my house filled with delicious smells from the roast. I can only imagine how delicious your house smells during a normal meal but especially during a festive day :)

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      1. So true! He blesses us all, but when we “see” his presence, it is truly a bliss. No wonder that you are leading a blissful life. :)
        Have a wonderful weekend filled with delicious aroma and a buffet of soul foods! :)

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  5. Thank you for this beautiful update.

    “God takes care of the “why’s” for us if we will get out of His way and let Him do what He does, and that is take care of all our needs.”

    This is so true. If we just get out of His way things will go so much better! God is amazing! I will not get fed up of saying so. May He continue to bless you, me dearest.

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    1. Yess!!! It has certainly been the case with me. Especially when I jump in and want to help the Creator of all things. Thats probably why He doesn’t let me in on stuff until its over :) :)

      Hallelujah. Amen! never get fed up with saying it. Confession with your mouth, hallelujah!!

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  6. Praising God for you and His love. Thanks for the update. Since you kept up with daily soul food I wondered when you were moving. Now I know! All His blessings to you in the New Year 🙏✝️

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    1. I was blessed to have scriptures scheduled ahead of time but have been slack in keeping up with everyone :) Hopefully once everything settles down, I’ll be able to catch up and keep up :) Praise the LORD for His blessings, and I thank HIm for filling your holiday full of blessings :)

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