What I am suppose to do…

God made things very easy for us. Even when we don’t, can’t, or won’t see it.

“That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.” — Romans 10:9-10

Every thing else The Almighty LORD will work out. I mean, are these verses not the cornerstone of all that was, is, and will come?

No matter what belief, religion, group, “isms” any other sections I might have left out. (I apologize for I was never really aware so many divisions existed until I started reading blogs)

If Jesus is the answer, it’s all good. If Jesus isn’t the answer, why not? Even so, it’s all good. I can never be changed in my beliefs. I never felt the urge to change any one else’s belief either.

All I can do is try to be the best child of God I can be.

I have faith that God will do all the heavy lifting. I can plant seeds but I can’t make anything grow :)

I love talking about God. I love talking about Jesus.

I can honestly say I have never had an unpleasant conversation about God or my Lord Jesus. It might have felt uncomfortable. Thats different. But not unpleasant. Most people were very open and receptive of my beliefs in God, and Jesus. They didn’t always agree but they always talked with me about it. :)

They didn’t treat me like I was wrong. I feel, it was because I never treated them as if they were wrong.

Even if I thought they were wrong, Jesus died for them and me, and He said I am to love them. Love them just like I love God. The Almighty God.

99.9% of the time, after discussing the truth of God’s Word I’d hear, “I don’t believe in…” My answer 100% of the time is, and always will be, “that’s between you and God” :) I love you regardless because He tells me that is what I am suppose to do :)

LORD, I ask that you bless everyone who is reading this, and bless everyone who isn’t reading. :)

Author: Margaret from soulfood101blog

Praying the world will read God's Word for themselves, and not rely on what someone else tells them His Word says or means.

28 thoughts on “What I am suppose to do…”

  1. Beautiful post Margaret, thank you. You are teaching me so much. As you know I did not grow up in a religious home but was exposed every now and then. God always sent people to show me the way, even when I was a little girl. I have an aunt who is very religious and I noticed that some people in my family pick on her the most. Laughing behind her back sometimes or rolling their eyes and the worse is when they speak to her in a condescending way.
    Recently, my aunt is starting to loose some of her memory and she will say things twice now. Some of us will act like we are hearing it for the first time but the family members that always like teasing my aunt will say in a not so kind way “I know, you told me that already” or ” You already said that” which just makes me cringe because I can see it hurts her a little because she wants to tell her stories, even if we hear them over and over, it still makes her happy at the end of them, at least give her that.
    These same family members that are quick to point out faults in others are also the ones that have the most hate and anger in their hearts when it comes to the political separation in our country. It doesn’t matter if you talk about politics or not. If you believe in God and they know it, then you are on the side they hate (at least in my families situation) they will not come out and say they hate someone but they do very cruel things to make you feel separated from them and not included.
    My aunt, the one who is loosing her memory saw how upset I was the last time I was around them all and I said “I can’t do this anymore” and she knew what I was talking about because they attack her as well. I don’t talk religion because I am not an expert but I know God is by me and in my heart always (from his teachers he sent my way in life and you Margaret are one them). My aunt took her cross off and put it over my head and said ” Remember always that your aunts love you and Jesus loves you, and when you get upset hold this cross and know that” I have that cross as well as my little wooden cross in a heart to wear as well. I know you remember me talking about that. Anyway, this is a beautiful post and thank you once again for teaching us all what matters.

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    1. Your comment has lifted me up beyond anything you could ever know. With all the kind things you said about me. I really don’t deserve the credit for any of that. That is all due to the LORD’s influence, without it, I would be a terrible mess.

      I felt so sad for your aunt. It breaks my heart that people can be so cruel. And to what end? What is the gain? It can’t make them feel good, or at least I don’t feel good when I lose my temper and say something unkind. I couldn’t imagine how I would feel if I did it just for sport. God, and Jesus see and feel her pain. She will be rewarded for not returning their unkindness. Just like she was being treated terribly, and yet she turned around and showed you compassion and kindness. This is the true sign of the love, and peace that God gives His children who do what He says. I have family members, and older friends, who will tell me the same story. I will act like it is the first time I ever heard it, and even ask questions that I already know the answers to since they have told me the story before. Once or twice I caught myself, when they started their already told story, I caught myself saying, “yes, I remember that”, then filling in the story so they knew I had heard it. Only to feel horrible for it and proceed to ask them questions about the story hoping to make it better if I had hurt their feelings. So, again I couldn’t imagine doing it for meanness sake.

      You are so loved by the LORD just like your Aunt said. He is guiding you, pulling you in the direction that He wants you to be in. If not you wouldn’t bother conversing about it. Even if it is just with me :) Never let any one tell you different. I felt like I had been too bad of a person, horrible. I have done everything that the Bible says I shouldn’t. I joked that I have broken 11 of the 10 commandments but it is true, and yet God still loves me. If He can love me, forgive me, accept me, well then there is hope for any one else in this world. His Word says He wants none of us to perish. It doesn’t say some of us, it says NONE of us. He sent His Son here to die for our sins, not just for certain people sins but ALL peoples sins. You are His beloved child, of royal blood. Never, ever let any one tell you any different :) :) You are a blessing my friend, dear Sister, and I thank God for continuing to bless you, and direct you to where He wants you to be :)

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    1. Arguing or beating people over the head with God’s Word really just puts them on the defensive. What does that accomplish? It may even stumble up the work the LORD was trying to do with them. I feel, if we are the children God wants us to be, then people will see that love, and want that love for themselves. :)

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  2. Bless your heart miss Margaret.

    In reading your post here, I got the impression that some conversation that you had recently rattled you.

    The verses that you referenced are verses that primarily use in evangelism. There’s nothing wrong with those verses.

    “isms” are divisive.
    That’s why I came to reject all of them.

    God bless you sister.

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    1. Oh no, dear Brother. I wrote this last year sometime. I have over 40 drafts of things that pour out of me after talking with the LORD, or reading, and praying :) But I am grateful for your concern. I’ll occasionally open the drafts and one will jump out at me. I read through, fix any misspelled words, and try to fix any grammatical errors. When they are written, as I said they will pour out, and so there are always errors in those areas.

      I have no idea what evangelism is hahaha :) I must seem simple to folks in that way. I know I should probably learn these things but I’ve just never felt the urge to venture past the Bible. I guess I don’t want to confuse myself. If that makes sense. And probably because, as a child it was drilled into me to trust God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Bible, and repeat. Nothing else could be trusted, not even myself. Always lean on God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit , and the Bible.

      It’s pretty much like you said, although I haven’t researched them for myself, but after hearing others talk about all the different “isms” I’m glad I just stuck with the Bible, with what the Word says, and trust that God will direct me to be who He wants me to be :)

      LORD, thank You for continuing to bless and use Lee :)

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      1. I’m glad to hear that you’re not rattled. But if you had been, it would have been understandable given the nature of religious blogging interaction.
        And I appreciate your kindness to people; it’s really refreshing to experience, I appreciate your ministry that you share with us.

        God bless you my friend.

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