Fix Her Crown Award


Gail over at Gail Loves God was so kind as to nominate me for this Fix Her Crown Award. I am humbled that Gail would think of me. Gail is so giving, and supportive of so many blogger. And her love for our LORD is infectious! If you haven’t met Gail, please, do yourself a favour and visit her blog. You will be blessed with what you find. :)

The rules are simple:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link to her blog.
  • Copy and paste these rules to your post and please include a link to the original Fix Her Crown Award post: which was created by Cindy Goes Beyond.
  • Post three photos of just yourself and write a short caption beneath each about why you chose that photo
  • Nominate seven women for the Fix Her Crown Award, women who lend a helping hand to the woman whose crown seems too heavy, who appreciate the sister who dares to be her own glorious self, who raise strong young women, who smile at the sister journeying alone and walk alongside her for a time, who stand with the sister whose crown has been knocked off her head time after time and women who shine as their own beautifully unique selves.
  • Link to the blogs of the seven nominees

I am breaking the rules already by only posting 1 picture. All my pictures are back at our home in NC. The only one I have is from our trip to London back in January. C277CC23-4FB6-4724-9EC3-E84CE27E26A1
This picture was taken during the first trip I have ever taken that was not only out of the country but the furthest ever traveled for me. It was taken at Stonehenge, obviously LOL :) This was an amazing trip. We visited London, and the most beautiful little place called Bristol. Bristol was so wonderful. I walked the streets all by myself. Another first for me. God blessed me with the strength to not be afraid, and venture out but not by myself because I know He was with me every step of the way. Otherwise it would never have been possible :)

Thank you Again Gail for thinking of me for this award :)

As always, I nominate anyone who wants to participate because everyone has been what this award represents at some point in their lives, to someone :)

LORD thank you for blessing everyone reading this and to all your children who haven’t read this :)

Author: Margaret from soulfood101blog

Praying the world will read God's Word for themselves, and not rely on what someone else tells them His Word says or means.

34 thoughts on “Fix Her Crown Award”

  1. Aw what an amazing photo, I love it! That little place called Bristol isn’t too far from me (about an hour’s drive) and I quite like it too, though it can get rather busy in the centre or if there are events on. Full of energy though. Stonehenge is one I’d like to go to but still haven’t, so maybe one day in future.. Congrats on the very well-deserved award. You wear your crown with great grace, Margaret xx

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    1. Thank you for your kind words Caz :) Not sure if I wear it well but it is kind of you to say :) It was pretty much deserted when I was there probably because of the time of year. In the warmer months it is probably full of people. I didn’t care it was so pretty. Reminded me of home :) The little town I am from is on the water and you can walk the whole place like I did in Bristol. If I had known you were so close I would have met you for some refreshments or something :) Maybe next trip. The centre was where I ate at the open market. I loved it. All the variety of food was amazing. I also got a really great piece of cake from one of the vendors. YUM!!

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  2. PTL! Congrats on your Fix Her Crown Award, Margaret! Thank you for being so encouraging and uplifting. Always leaving me the most amazing comments that leave me in awe of what God does in such sweet fellowship. And of course, the scripture post allow God to speak for Himself! <3
    Thank you for all the kind words above. More crowns to lay at His feet! <3
    I love the picture! Your beautiful smile! :)
    Me and God love you, Margaret! We treasure you! <3

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    1. What a wonderful love it is. It is such a blessing to have too. When I even get close to being down, it is that love that pulls me up. And if you see anything amazing coming from my direction, praise the LORD that is proof of Him. I am nothing without Him. And nothing good comes from me but for Him :)

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      1. Oh yes, me too!!! If not for HIM! 🙌🏻 I am doing well… We recently moved (right before Covid-19 hit) to a more rural area, so have spent most of our isolation unpacking and getting settled. Thus, I have not been writing much lately. Hoping to get back to it…and to finding a new church. It was tough timing, but we’re so grateful we moved just prior and were not moving ‘during’ all this! Ugh! What has been your biggest challenge during this time? Or should I say ‘opportunity?’ 😉 So much love to you, dear Margaret!😘❣️

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      2. What a blessing you were able to move before the craziness started. AND with it all going on you have time to unpack. God will put you right where He wants you to be as far as the church goes :) I have been doing fine. Missing home, and the space we have there hahaha especially since the stay at home orders came out. But I know God put us right where He want us to be :) :) Much love back to you Sister.

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    1. You are too sweet E. I cut my hair a couple of days ago. I took a picture to send my sister but forgot about that one until the post was up LOL. And no one has ever said seeing my face was a gift thank you :) Happy to share the award with you dear E. You have certainly straightened my crown plenty of times :)

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    1. Thank you so much my friend. I was just telling another commenter after posting this there is another picture on my phone. After cutting my hair a few days ago, my sister wanted to see it. So, I took one to send her. But the post was already up when I remembered that picture. Hahaha

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