This is what it has come to, and other blessings :)

Uh huh :) 

Yep, this is what it has come to :) I finally got the glasses that were ordered before the virus took over. The company called me in mid March. “You’re glasses are here.”

The safest option at the time, based on all the information was to wait and get them later :) I had readers and could still see so they were not an “essential”

Thankfully when “later” came God had blessed me with masks. Hubby had found some on line. They were great. The masks had charcoal filters. A round filter thing for easier breathing. Sadly they ate a hole in the bridge of my nose in one trip to the store. Dreading wearing them again was an understatement.

My birthday was this past week and I had ordered myself some shoes. Keens to be exact. I love Keens. They last me forever. I have a couple of pairs that are going on 11 years old! They are pricey so that’s why it has to be my birthday or something special for me to splurge on a pair :)

Once at Keen’s website, they are running a 25% off sale. Blessing! I found some shoes and added them to the cart. In the cart it showed they were on clearance too and the savings was a total of 75%. Blessings! Thank You LORD.

The box arrives. I shred it open and there are these unexpected KEEN mask inside with my new shoes! Praise the LORD.8A22D988-6344-487F-9B55-832B6E1AD2DF

The masks are wonderful! AND there are 4 of them! They fit your face perfectly. No gaps under the eyes, on the sides, or the bottom. They didn’t eat a hole in my nose. Praise God.  Blessing! They are so comfy, you forget you have them on. :)

Blessing, blessing, blessing! Thank You LORD!

I also cut my hair. God blessed me with an outcome that is pleasing. For that I am thankful. We aren’t suppose be vain but does any one really like a bad haircut? :) It is the shortest I have ever attempted to cut it on my own. Although, was I really own my own? Not in the least! You know I asked the LORD to help me, and He was there every snip of the way :) Thank You LORD.

The picture on the left is from our trip to London back in January. The one on the right is after I cut my hair. Obviously the hair was a few months longer when I cut it, than in the picture from London but it gives you an idea of how much courage the LORD gave me :)

It always makes me stand in awe of God. The masks didn’t turn out to be what we thought but we thanked God anyway, and He blessed us with better masks.

I’m not a hairdresser but with faith, prayer, and belief all things are possible and God blessed me with a haircut that I like.

People want signs, miracles, mountains moved when in reality God blesses us every single day. In all kinds of ways. If we are willing to see it.

Now there are some that will say(because I have heard it) “do you really think God blessed you with 75% off shoes/masks/a haircut you like?

YES! YES! YES! I sure do. I am not special. God has blessed you too. With EVERYTHING. There is nothing that we have that God did not create or provide for us.

Thank You LORD for everything. I ask You to bless everyone that is reading this and every one who isn’t and give all of us eyes to see ALL that You do for us every second, of every minute, of every day.




Author: Margaret from soulfood101blog

Praying the world will read God's Word for themselves, and not rely on what someone else tells them His Word says or means.

51 thoughts on “This is what it has come to, and other blessings :)”

  1. Happy Belated Birthday Sweet Sister in Christ-Messiah Jesus-Yeshua Margaret!!

    I Wear N-95 Masks outside my house!!

    Our ONE True GOD’S LOVE 💕💜 is ETERNAL THROUGH HIS SON Christ-MESSIAH Jesus-Yeshua for Today and Everyday Forevermore!!

    I Love you all Everyone through Christ-MESSIAH Jesus-Yeshua, because HE LOVED 💜💕 EVERYONE FIRST!!

    Love 💕 Always and Shalom ( Peace ), YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann

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  2. Happy belated birthday Margaret. Speaking of gifts from God, you are also a gift from him to all of us with your beautiful and kind soul. Love your new haircut, very pretty. I also believe everything you received was a gift from God. Everyday he gives us gifts.

    Just the other month my husband was saying he needed a rooster but chickens are kind of low right now. Then we started noticing that one of our chickens wasn’t a hen the older it was getting and sure enough one morning it started crowing but very low, not loud at all.

    Of course my husband had to make a crow collar because we live in the city and roosters are too loud. For now, he is very happy with all those hens around him. We were shocked to find out we had a rooster after all. If we have to get rid of him we will give him to our neighbors across the street who are allowed to have live stock like cows, horses and pigs. The zoning laws are all over the place depending on what area you live in.

    Anyway, guess my point is, is that when we least expect it, God answers our prayers. Just have to open our eyes and see it.

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    1. Praise the LORD. Isn’t it amazing how down to the littlest thing we say God is attentive. AND it feels like He loves delighting us with these surprises. Seriously how amazed, happy, delighted were you when you realized he was a rooster? Isn’t it wonderful, that feeling!

      Thank you so much for such kind words. If you see any of those things in me then it is proof of God, AGAIN. Even the haircut. I am usually shaky, so it amazes me how it comes out straight if not for God :)

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      1. You always make my heart fill with love, such a beautiful soul you have…never change that, which I know you won’t. Sorry so long in getting back, been busy with home stuff. Been offline longer now. I love getting little surprises from God. I remind my kids of these gifts too and when something doesn’t seem to go their way I remind them that those are gifts too because they help teach us how to be stronger. If something is difficult, it wasn’t meant to be, so something better will come up later. My dad taught me that. Again, you did a great job on your haircut. Have a beautiful and very Happy Mother’s Day.

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  3. I’m so sorry I seem to have missed this (unless I haven’t and I just can’t remember as my brain is very mushy today!)….
    HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY, Margaret!! 🌹🎉🌹🎉🌹

    I’m sure the world looks nothing like you’d ever imagined it would have for your birthday this year but I hope you could still enjoy and celebrate safely at home. The birthday treat for your tootsies with new shoes sounds like a good choice, but the 75% off makes them even better! I love when you can find a bargain like that, especially when it’s something you’d already wanted. What a brilliant idea for the company to include masks, that’s fantastic. And I assume as you weren’t expecting them that they’re free? So, so good of a company to do that.

    Love the photos! And your new ‘do looks great, very fresh. Same length as mine now as I had mine chopped a little while ago before the virus. If I were to have attempted it myself then one side would be a good deal shorter than the other 😂

    Gorgeous lady, gorgeous hair, new masks, new shoes, and hopefully a peaceful weekend ahead in store for you! xxxx

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    1. Aww thank you Caz :) <3 <3 Yes it was a fine day. We stayed in(of course haha) and just relaxed. The shoes are amazing but yes the (free) masks were a delight. I told hubby if they had sent me the masks and said your shoes will be there whenever, I would have still been thrilled!

      I have ended up with one side shorter than the other hahaha :) Even when I went to a salon and had it cut by a professional hehehe 😂 Once I started cutting it myself, always leaving quite a few inches just in case. Plus, if it didn't come out even I could tell myself at least I didn't pay for it. I'd wait a few days and cut it again. It always worked out. This time I left no extra inches, figuring if it wasn't right who would see it anyway 😂

      Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are too, too kind :) :) I pray you are holding up with this quarantine?

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  4. You look awesome Margaret. It is so nice to finally put a face to your blog besides the cute kitty. You are very brave to have cut your own hair and do such a wonderful job. So many things this virus is forcing us to do. I also love that picture of you in front of the Stonehenge. Thanks so much of sharing a bit of yourself with us. I keep thinking I should make some masks, but as for now, I continue to wear some buffs I had on hand. Blessings.

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  5. Happy Birthday! I think your hair looks awesome. God cares about us to the smallest detail. Have a blessed day and stay safe!

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    1. Thank you, and thank you :) That is the most perfect way to put it, “God cares about us to the smallest detail” I love it :) While you are here, I want to take the chance and tell you, I love your blog :) I ask the LORD to continue to bless you and use you for His good will :)

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    1. He blesses us all in a bunch of ways everyday. It’s not like my story is any different than anyone else. The blessings might be different but that is also perspective :) The sun rising would be a blessing to some, but the sun setting a blessing to others, for example :) When I was reading your post about the time you were getting to spend with your daughter, all I could think was blessings! I know you did too :) Even in trials, where I use to say why, why, why, now it’s LORD, show me the blessing(or I try the LORD knows that I revert all the time, not trying to play like I am perfect) but when I ask Him to show me the blessing He will. It might not be that split second, sometimes it is, but He will reveal that blessing. :) Thanks for getting me all fired up about the LORD this morning Brother :)

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  6. Yes!!! God is so good! I’m thrilled about your shoes and glasses and all of it. 💕 it’s great to see what you look like! That’s the first picture I’ve seen. Hey would you pray for me to know God’s will about a service opportunity? I need to answer them today. Thanks and enjoy your blessings! 😊

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  7. His daily blessings are truly amazing! We take so much for granted (not you) and it is overwhelming when we realize how much He loves us in all He does for each of us. Thank you for sharing a few of your blessings!

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    1. They really are daily, and amazing! I take them for granted too!! Don’t want to make out like I don’t. Sometimes I am so ungrateful it is shameful, and the Good LORD will give me a good ole kick in the pants to get me back on track. I was telling hubby not even a week ago how ungrateful I am sometimes especially with all the LORD does for me. I’ll get down, or mad about something for what? For as many things that don’t go the way “I” want they certainly are outweighed by all the things that I didn’t even know I wanted that miraculously enter our lives. How are things with you?

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      1. That’s true. Then He opens our eyes to see what He did when we were looking for something else! How He loves us. Everything is ok here. Beaches are now open but no parking is available so basically residents only. In about a week we get to start phase 1, Lord willing.

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      2. Hahaha yes. It always makes me think about when God told Moses that he’d only see the LORD’s back, after He passed by. Makes me think, hmmmm seems to be the way it always works. We see Him when He is passed by :) What in the world is phase 1? I haven’t been keeping up. Yes, Lord willing we will all be back to the hustle and bustle of it all. Everything here is starting to move a bit too.

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      3. Phase 1 is pretty much staying where we are. More business opens, safe distancing, optional masks. Churches can hold services with safe distancing. No idea how they will manage that. This phase is for 2 weeks. Then phase 2, more businesses can open, playgrounds (parks never closed). This is 4 weeks. There’s a phase 3 & 4 but I haven’t read that far ahead. Of course if there is a spike in cases at anytime we go back to ground zero. My brain can’t handle much. Good thing I’m a homebody!

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    1. Hallelujah Sister! I also wanted to tell you what a blessing it was to read your comments to Theresa on Lee’s blog. How encouraging you were to another Sister! That is another one of the blessings I was talking about. I thank the LORD for you and thank Him for continuing to use and bless you :)

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      1. I’m so excited for her \o/
        AND I thank the Lord for the encouragement that God’s Holy Spirit gives you to share!

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      2. And a Happy Belated Birthday, sister!
        I don’t even want a big deal for Mom’s Day! I want my daughter and daughter in laws to stay home and do what they would like to do!! 🙏🏻❤️

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    2. Dear Beth, I don’t know if you will get this message, now that your blog has been deleted. But if you do happen to see this, I just want you to know that I miss you and your blog so much. I am praying for you and your family. You are a very precious sister in Christ. ❤❤❤

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  8. I loved reading this! Thank you for writing it. I needed this right now.

    Yes, I do believe God blessed you with 75% off your shoes, those great masks, and help with your haircut. My hair is longer than your January picture, and I have been thinking about a trim. Don’t know if I am that brave!

    Happy birthday a few days late. My birthday is this weekend. I never would have dreamed a year ago how things would be this birthday, would you?

    There are small birds with yellow bellies singing and tweeting in our tree a few feet away from where I am sitting on the patio. I consider those darling birds a blessing from God to me, right now. Praise Him!

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    1. YES!!! That is what I am talking about, they are a blessing from God. Those gifts that remind you He loves you. You love hearing them, and He is blessing you with those little birds singing glorious joyful noises just for you. His beloved Linda :) Thank you for sharing that Linda it is the perfect example of the blessing God gives us all the time :)

      Well, Happy early birthday. I am so glad you were born! I had no idea this birthday would be like this but it actually was one of the best birthdays because there were no expectations and I didn’t feel let down. For some reason every birthday something happens and I felt let down. Not things that could be controlled more like emergencies, and I was pushed to the side. How silly it upset me when God treats me like it is my birthday every day :)

      I was scared to cut mine too but if I told you how I did it you would probably not believe me. I literally parted my hair into low pigtails and cut it. I learned it from another blogger about 3 years ago. Then looked it up on line and found a site that showed me, very simply how to do it :) I was always cautious, and cut about 6 inches and left myself a few inches incase I messed up lol. This time I closed my eyes, prayed and went for it. Who is going to see it anyway? We are all locked away hahaha :) If you want the website I will send you the link in a reply :) I will warn you, after you cut it and take those pig tails out. It looks chopped up BUT after you wash it it looks like a real haircut. The first time I did it. Oh my I freaked out. Then I washed it and it was as good as any professional cut. I get compliments every time I cut it :) BUT I was literally sweating bullets, and shaking the first few time I did it hahaha :)

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      1. Oh my… I would like the website link for your hair cutting technique. I’m still not sure if I will try it, though.

        I’m so glad you were born, too. I know what you mean about birthday disappointments in the past. This year I am telling everybody that I don’t want anything at all, other than a happy birthday text or phone call. We’ll see how that goes!

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      2. The link is
        Even with the link I looked at it for weeks before I just said ok LORD. The salon isn’t working. I am wasting the money You have blessed me with, leaving disappointed. BUT as I said, the first time I took the pig tails out all I saw was jagged edges and freaked out. Hahaha BUT after a wash(which was a couple days later because my hair won’t tolerate a daily wash. It frizzes. You see how frizzy it is in the pictures) it looked as good if not better than the salon.

        I have no comments on the birthday thing because no matter what I tried…disappointment. More so on my part because I always make a big deal about everyone else birthdays. Always the one arranging the party, the cake, the gifts, sending out the “don’t forget it’s so and so’s birthday” only to be forgotten. But this year I feel the LORD revealed to me that He is my Father and He remembers. Why was I wasting time on “man’s” salutations :)

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      3. “The LORD is my Father and He remembers” — I love that. Birthdays are hard for me anyway, because I got beat up really bad on a birthday many years ago. But the LORD is my Father! And He remembers! Praise God.

        Thank you for the link. My husband recently cut his own hair with his electric beard clippers. He did a surprisingly good job. Normally he would ask me to do it, but I think he decided to do it because he was bored. Then he offered to cut a few inches off of my hair with his electric clippers. He was serious! I told him I will never be that bored!


      4. I am so sorry to hear this Linda. I have been there, and praise the LORD we are not there any more :)

        Hahaha about your hubby and the clippers. If you do try the pig tail method in the link, you can use the clippers to do the cut. I have not tried it because I don’t have any clippers but I have seen videos of people using this method, and using clippers.

        Which reminds me of another blessing. When I started using this method. I stopped at a random beauty store to get a proper pair of hair scissors just to be a little more precise with the cut. When I say random, I mean I was on one of the 8 hours drives to see hubby when he was stationed out of state, and I drove to see him on weekends. They were so expensive, $100, $200, $300 and up! She said the $300 were the best, even better than the most expensive they had. I told the young lady I’d keep using the pair of regular scissors that I already had. Hahaha She said, well I have one pair on clearance, it was $39.00. She said it was the same exact pair as the $300 pair but it was last years model. She showed me the item # on the packages and they were they exact same. They are self sharpening too another blessing. Who knows how many stores I passed, and how many more I could have stopped at but I see no coincidence that the one I stopped at had a professional pair, on clearance. God loves us and He really does attend to every little detail that we most of the time just brush off as “luck” or “coincidence”

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    1. You are too kind my friend. I don’t write much so thank you for the encouragement :) They really are comfy, and you can wash them and they are dry in an couple of hours and hold their shape :) Keeping the skin on my nose is a real blessing too hahaha :) Yes, Amen! Thank You LORD for blessing us all!

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      1. I was actually surprised when I saw this post and I really, really, really loved it!! If you want, you definitely should keep writing more! We’ll always be here to support it! ❤️✨

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