To him that is afflicted pity should be shewed from his friend; but he forsaketh the fear of the Almighty. — Job 6:14

My brethren have dealt deceitfully as a brook, and as the stream of brooks they pass away; — Job 6:15

Author: Margaret from soulfood101blog

Praying the world will read God's Word for themselves, and not rely on what someone else tells them His Word says or means.

18 thoughts on “6/18/2020”

    1. You had not Sister, and I wasn’t going to ask because I felt I might be. I don’t know, intruding hehe :) I edited your comment and deleted the last part of it and changed it to “info” If that is ok. I didn’t want your information to be out there. I was going to delete it all together but if people do that if makes wordpress think you are spam and will start dumping all your comments into spam. Thanks for the info Sister and we will see if we can’t get you to your birthday goal, albeit late :)

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      1. LOL at wise woman. Was it Solomon that said he only found a few wise men and no wise woman? I would normally never ever edit a comment, unless someone made a typo and asked me to but decided to this time hehe :) I am having a very blessed day because you and God love me :) I will let give you a heads up when it is on it’s way. :)

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  1. I totally understand. I would love to avoid it too when possible. I will send you my mailing address through your contact page… to your email address. Sorry about taking so long. I finally fell asleep. How I managed to stay awake to respond last night can only be God’s grace because it was He that made it clear while trying to respond to Holly that it just wasn’t going to happen because my brain was shutting down. Just as I checked to see how many I still had to respond to and who, I saw your “impatiently awaiting a reply” and gasped as I said, Oh, Lord! Don’t let me let her think I’m keeping her waiting, that I don’t care.” Praise His name He was kind enough to turn my brain back on for a few seconds 😍

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  2. I was just reading this the same day when I was doing my copying the Bible by hand! I was so broken for Job when Eliphaz was trying to tell him that nothing happens to the righteous to cause such grief and heaviness. That it must be Job’s fault. Oh how wrong Eliphaz was. I praise for when people are blessed with such lives that they don’t know that heaviness, but they are very sadly mistaken to think it only happens to had people or if you are careless or selfish enough to bring it on yourself. We all know when reading this book if the Bible that it is God doing this. Now God uses it to help people like you and me who are too frequently aquatinted with heaviness.
    I pray today is not one of those days, and that God makes your heart smile 😊 every time He leaves you a reminder of how much He cherishes you! ❤️

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    1. Yes I agree. It is the example that God never promises us it will always be rainbows and lollipops but if we will keep trusting Him, and praising His holy name that He will not only get us through but give us more than we ever could imagine :) I pray for you as well dear Sister and that God Love and peace pours over you :)

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      1. I’m so sorry, Margaret! I’ve been trying to catch up this weekend, but keep falling asleep to the point my brain can’t remember what I’m talking about. It’s very frustrating. If you’re referring to a way to donate, it was a Facebook fundraiser. It made it to $175 in the end. The ministry website is always available to receive donations at sufficientgraceoutreach.org.
        Thank you for your heart 💓 and your patience with me. 🌹
        I am so grateful for you friendship, to be sisters in Christ with you! ❤️

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      2. No worries :) I would rather send it to you as I don’t use credit cards. I feel they are, well, they are a form of a devilish slavery :) I know in such a modern world that is probably silly :) I saw an address in the picture of a return address on your post but still preferred to send it to you. :)

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