37 thoughts on “Am I….”

  1. Just means your heart has a lot to share. You know the place, God has planed the time… to post! Let His love, inspire all that’s in your heart! I don’t have any drafts, but my heart is constantly down writing things in my writing app on my phone. God inspires me so many things, He wants me to share. His love is the ink, and my heart is His pen! God bless!

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  2. You could copy and paste the drafts you have in WordPress or any other writings into a word document. Save the drafts in a folder for instance on an USB stick. But don’t delete any of it. You may be able to use these at a later date. Not to delete any of your writings was shared with me.

    In word documents, I have many notes that go together with the matching Bible verses that I use as a reference for posts in WordPress or for a post or comments elsewhere.

    When I have published a post I also save the post I transferred from a word document to WordPress. And I have Dropbox and One Drive for the posts published among articles that interest to me from online. I don’t save anything on the local disc of the computer.

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  3. Hahah I have an admission. I had 103 drafts in mine πŸ˜‚ I started to go through them the other week so I’ve got about 60 or so now, all half started or ones to go straight in the bin, others just have a title and nothing else at all. I probably just need to get rid of all of them and have a clear out. They just seem to accumulate, don’t they?! xx

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  4. I don’t know the answer to that,

    But I ask you…

    am I the only one who can’t stand WordPress’ “block” editor?

    What used to be so simple and easy (publishing posts),

    Now has become a confusing mess that I use 2 or 3 different devices just to publish a single post.

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  5. My drafts for WordPress I have in on a USB stick. Transfer the draft one or two days before publishing to WordPress. Read the draft, when necessary make (a) revision(s), add the image,
    look at the preview, and kaboom.
    Usually, I publish only once in the two weeks.

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  6. I have had problems lately, with my posts showing up there, also having to post multiple times. Not sure why, but since I have been teaching on spiritual Warfare, I have my suspicions. Could be something with WordPress or Bible app I use for my graphics not sharing with WordPress.

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    1. Oh my won’t that evil one use everything against us to try and stumble up what the LORD wants us to do. To try and steal that joy that comes along with doing that which the LORD wants. Praise the LORD that you keep plugging and not let anything keep you from doing God’s will. I am grateful for your post and they are definitely blessing others. More than you will probably ever know. I can say with all honesty that the post you publish I share on pinterest and they have thousands, and thousands of view. And it is not a one off thing. EVERY thing I share from your blog is received that way. That my friend is proof that God has His hand on what you are doing. I am praising God for this as we both know we are nothing without Him, and the glory belongs to Him but you are willing to be used and that is a blessing. :)

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