As for me, I will call upon God; and the LORD shall save me. — Psalm 55:16

Author: Margaret from soulfood101blog

Praying the world will read God's Word for themselves, and not rely on what someone else tells them His Word says or means.

11 thoughts on “9/26/2020”

      1. O that beautiful spotless white raiment we will receive through the Blood of the Son Lord Jesus. Thank you Lord Jesus. You died for us, we will live for You.

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  1. Cause everybody else seems to have lost their minds. 😂 Hey Mags. How are you?
    I’ve been frozen. It’s funny, I can write and paint and read but actually communicating feels out of reach sometimes. ❤️

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    1. hain’t that the truth….as they use to say back in the day :) I am fine. Wearing my mask, social distancing, and trying to avoid people in general :) I know exactly what you mean. It was hard to communicate before every one lost their minds but now it seems more difficult than ever. Even here on the blog I am not as active as I once was. Even replying to comments seems difficult as you can tell by my tardy reply. Seems the only thing that I do enjoy as of late is reading my Bible and walking. How are things with you dear E?

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      1. That makes perfect sense. Even before this strange year happened I preferred being inside and reading or walking someplace quiet. 🙂Either way, sending you hugs and encouragement. There have been too many silver linings to count lately! It never ceases to amaze me how god works. He’s (she’s/they-god will always be he to me but..) become SO much bigger during all this…like outer galaxies big.
        I miss walking downtown and doing anything outside without being afraid of people but mostly I’m grateful and content to be home. We’ve got a big hurdle to jump this week for my husband’s kidney disease but I’m digging into trust and know it’ll all be fine.
        Also, this is the longest comment I’ve written in months😂 Maybe we’ll all be like monks when the pandemic is over 😁❤️❤️❤️

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