They went ahead and did it

I have been quiet as of late, and miss you all. I see they have finally forced the new block editor and there is no longer a way to get a round it. I had made a post showing how we could still use the old editor by going to the WP Admin page but I see that is no longer an option. You can go there but when you hit “new post” it brings you right to the new block thingy.

I never understand why people want to improve things. It’s like God’s word. Let’s progress it to the point where it looks nothing like it did. Let’s make it more user friendly until it is completely different.

We’ll make it better.

Like the block editor is great for some people. They love it. This new version is what they were looking for but in reality it is just another way that people change something to be the way they want it. And you will accept it, use it. You won’t have an option. As the time goes by no one will even remember the classic editor.

People who never knew the difference are fine. The people who new the old ways say, wait this isn’t anything like it was. It isn’t even close.

It is completely different.

I feel that is how the world works today. People would rather be told what the Good book says rather than pick it up and read it for themselves. Happily digesting, accepting, and following what they are told. Especially if it feels good. No one wants to hear that their free will can cause an eternity of damnation. That doesn’t sound like fun. So, let’s omit that. Yes, of course omit that. It is so much nicer that we can all do whatever we want because well God loves us no matter what, right? He gave us His only begotten Son. Jesus is our get out of hell free card.

That will get me into the glorious gates of heaven. I am forgiven. Every one else is doing it. Every one else believes the way I do so it is the popular consensus, and therefor the rule.

Who needs the Old Testament? That was for way back then. But Psalms is ok, and Proverbs. Let’s not forget Job, and Jonah to name a few. Those are acceptable. Yes, yes books like that in the Old Testament are ok. They make me feel good. Leviticus, Deuteronomy, Judges, etc those are the too, oh I don’t know, judgmental. Too many rules that just don’t apply to now. Things have changed.

If the New Testament is the important stuff then why do people bother with Psalms, Job, etc? Seems a little like picking and choosing what works or feels good instead of the WHOLE story. People say the Old Testament doesn’t apply to now. Really? You know except for the feel good parts. God put all that other stuff down in writing, in our hearts and heads because He had nothing better to do? He just wanted us to know how much better we are today than they were back then? The Bible wasn’t long enough and it needed a few more chapters?

If you want to blog on WP then you have to accept the new block editor but when it comes to our eternal life we have a choice.

Author: Margaret from soulfood101blog

Praying the world will read God's Word for themselves, and not rely on what someone else tells them His Word says or means.

38 thoughts on “They went ahead and did it”

  1. Amen! I am in agreement…so time consuming! May God continue to draw the lost and pierce their hearts to make the right choice and may He help the saved to know that all Scripture is God breathed and we need every bit of it! Blessings, my Sister!

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  2. A good cross-over to the Bible and religion. I think it’s part of the whole cycle of moving forward, changing things, making them ‘better’ (or just unrecognisable!), without much care to those who prefer the old way because the new way is hip (do people say that anymore?) and trendy. I was very resistant to Block editor at first but I’ve been using it for maybe 8 months or so now and I’ve become used to it. But then they made another ‘little’ change and I hated it! These things are certainly a test of our patience, perseverance and ability to adapt. As for the Bible and your beliefs in what it’s all about – you’re absolutely right, nobody can force you to read it a certain way or believe a certain thing. That’s your perspective, your choice on how to live your live, your own beliefs.xxxx

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    1. Very well said Caz :) I was replying to someone about how the new thing is suppose to be better but it doesn’t have the “simple” things like the tags. You have to start typing each one and it will give you a choice. The old one just kept a list of the tags you clicked them and poof done. Now I have had to write down the tags I use, which is only about 12 and type them each in, or at least start typing them. To me that is a simple thing and for what purpose was it omitted? Which goes right back to the Bible and why change, or omit things that are useful and obviously there for a reason. Things that you will use every day :) BUT it is certainly helping me with my patience issues. :) :) I pray you are doing well and look forward to when I can get back into a slower schedule and catch up with my blogging family. I miss y’all :)

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  3. I am still able to get into the classic editor. When you hover over “add new” there is a drop down box that allows you to choose. I can’t get the hang of the block thingy – it was your work around that helped me get back into posting. Hope you can find the option and be comfortable blogging again!

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    1. Yes, you are correct it is there it’s just another step. Another click. Which isn’t a lot but add all the other new required clicks, and it adds up. I know it is better for people who do fancy blogs, or are professional bloggers but for me it is just more added time that I could be spending reading blogs and spending with our blogging family. It will come, and become familiar or it won’t LOL I really appreciate you taking the time to share with us the options you found. It will help every one who wants to use the classic editor or at least something that is close to it :)

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      1. I agree – I just want to sit down and write what I feel led to write and not worry about “blocks” and editing tools! I guess I need to look up some information about how to use the new editor, but then again I want something simple. Change is always constant!

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  4. I wish I could figure out a way to tell people yes, God loves us no matter what, but it sure breaks His heart when we don’t choose to accept His Son Jesus as Savior, Lord, Messiah and live for Him. That’s the part where we do have to participate, make a choice. self, or God? Because our choice determines our future.

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  5. Nono! You forgot a step. In your instructions, WP admin, then click ‘Posts’, under that head click ‘All Posts’, on the screen that comes up to the right of Posts is a box with a drop-down arrow, Add New. The drop-down arrow gives option for block editor or Classic Editor, so it’s still there!! Now I’ll finish reading your post here.

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  6. As time went by, I have gotten pretty much used to the new block editor. I had to go through it twice. The one time for my other blog as well. The new editor has its advantages and also its disadvantages. But I’ll manage. No problem. I shall continue to the glory of my LORD and Saviour.

    But Margaret, you so right. It’s just like Daniel and his three friends. He, Daniel went along with everything, except eating from the King’s table.

    No tolerance as far as the truth of Lord Jesus Christ is concerned. The great I AM THAT I AM, Lord Jesus Christ, HE is the Riches in my life. And no change to a modern translated bible for the King James Bible, the Bible that I know since my childhood. No way, no how!

    Just keep on blogging Margaret. With God on our side, we’ll manage.

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  7. Just like the Israelites, we sometimes allow our faith to peek under a beautiful rock along the path we walk with Jesus. Then we stumble and wonder why. Margaret, may the grace and peace of God bring you patience as needed.

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    1. Oh my dear friend :) :) Your words about patience are right in line with my life as of late. Patience is not my virtue and something God has been helping me with for YEARS. One would think by now I would know better and just BE PATIENT. But no. I am better but no where near where I want to be. That is the thing though, where I want to be isn’t where I am suppose to be. It is where God wants me to be that is the important thing. So, as of late He has been doing as He so wonderfully does, not giving me the patience but putting the things in front of me that will build that patience. :) :) So your prayers are EXACTLY what they should be and right on point. Praise the LORD :)


  8. And Amen Margaret. You have said everything so perfectly. I am strictly a King James person and other versions of the Bible bother me very much.. There is only one way to heaven and we can’t change God’s word to suit ourselves. As for this new block WP – I have been using it for about 8 months, but I don’t believe it is better.

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    1. :) :) you always have a way of putting things Peggy that are so to the point and a lot less wordy than me :) :) That is a gift and a blessing :) I haven’t tried other versions of the Bible but know from sending out verses that people reply back that their Bible doesn’t say that. I’ve even had people tell me I made a typo because that book is in their Bible but the chapter and verse is not. I later found out that certain newer versions omit things that are what they call “repetitive” God doesn’t make mistakes last I checked, and if He put it there 2 or 3 times it’s for a reason. Science says that people have to hear something 3 times and will still only retain 25% of what they have heard or read. Pretty sure God knows this too.

      I have missed you, Sister :) Hopefully things will slow down and I can get caught up with you soon. :)

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      1. I notice preachers who use versions will quote from the King James, because that was what they were raised with. God tells us his word does not change – now how simple is that to understand. Versions cause people to drift away from the truth of God’s word. I know the NIV has left parts of God’s world out. We both know God gets very displeased with mankind. Having versions of the Bible is like children using 2 or 3 different textbooks in the classroom at the same time. Great comments Margaret. There is only way to heaven and we better all do it right.

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    1. Hello Brother :) I always love hearing from you. I don’t know if you have posted anything recently as I have been so busy there is no way to read blogs. The verses are always getting typed but then I have to log out and hit the ground running. Hopefully there will be time to catch up soon. I pray you are doing well.

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    1. Yes it is a lot. The comparison jumped out at me. I found that out too it’s just not the exact same. A little tweak there, another difference there. Kind of like how we treat God and HIs word. It seems to be an “it’s close enough” kind of thing lol :) Big hugs me love :)

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      1. Had it not been for the Lord’s work, I would’ve abandoned ship ever since the new editor got introduced. Once His work gets out there, I’m good, for I work for His glory after all. This new editor is not going to stop me unless the Lord says it’s time to move on from here. And to be honest, I see no BIG différance with the new editor. It doesn’t make things simpler, but more complicated. When God created the world, the details were in the design… not so much detail in this one!

        I miss talking with you, but I hope all’s well and that your searching for a bigger place is coming along. Take care, me dearest. 💙

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      2. Yes, we found a bigger place but it has been one challenge after another. The LORD is helping me with my patience just like I asked lol :)

        Yes, the new thing there are several unnecessary steps. And tags, oh my goodness. Why is it so hard to have the list of tags? Why would that be a left out feature when everyone uses tags lol

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  9. I also find the new block editor cumbersome. I’ve found what I usually use, but it requires clicking through often (jumping through more hoops). The more I learn the Bible, the more I love all of it.

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    1. Yes it is still “there” but not exactly the same, and you are right it is a lot of hoops to get to something that is similar but not the same. Which also goes along with the post of things being almost but not the same LOL :) I pray you are doing well, and look forward to a slower time when I can get caught up with every one :)

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