What is going on here?

This is what is going on here, at this blog.

These words are not mine, they are verses from the Bible. I started sending them to people I knew. When someone would say, I loved the verse you sent me today, most of the time anyone listening would say, I want Bible verses too, so I’d add them to the list.

These are the verses I send out.

Having typed that, I do reserve the right to also share, and state my thoughts and opinions on anything and everything. My “opinion” on opinions, is that an opinion is not right or wrong. It is the view, perspective, whatever you want to call it that a person has.

Just because I don’t agree doesn’t make me right or the other person wrong. It simply means that we have different feelings on a subject.

20170513_103350I often find that I have different feelings on lots of subject matter with people, and yet we agree on many more things than we disagree.

So, my opinion is not right or wrong, neither is yours. If 10 people read the same story, each person would have a slightly different, and some polar opposite opinion of what the story meant. Sometimes I wonder, were you even  reading the story I was reading?

None of us know what makes another person feel, or not feel, what they feel.

We never will. Everyone of us is standing in different shoes, in different circumstances, at different times, with different thoughts, emotions, goals, expectations….you get my drift.

Yet, we always hear people saying, “oh, I know how you feel” or “I know what you are going through” But in all honesty, no they don’t. They are not you, and vice versa.

I feel that if we realized each other for the unique people we are, look for God in the other person, and read our Bibles a little more, then this world would improve. The Bible to me is the best “self-help” book that I have found out there.

I have read many of them. Every time I would embark on a new “self-help” book, I’d find myself thinking, this is what they taught me in Bible school classes on Sunday mornings when I was a child. But I kept going back to the book stores and getting more books, reminding myself, there was a reason you don’t still go to church, right?

(And just for the record, I still don’t go to church, God is where I am, therefore, I don’t have to visit Him just on Sundays, Wednesdays, or whatever day the church opens the doors.)

Finally after DECADES, that’s right I said decades of these (am I hard headed or what?), I dug out my old Bible that had been given to me by my parents, when I was in the second grade, and began reading it. It’s the King James, so it was hard to digest, to say the least, but like anything else the more I read, the more I could understand this strange old verbage.

I tried to devour it at first, which became frustrating, it is hard to understand, hard to remember, just hard.

Then, as He so often does, God pointed me in the right direction,  the back of the Bible, finally some easy to read english. And in the back of the Bible it stated a reading guide. I could read my entire Bible in 1 year???

Start in Genesis, Job, and the New Testament. Read 2 chapters a day in each one.

At the end of the year you should have been able to the read the Old Testament all the way through once, and the New Testament all the way through twice. Finally!!!!! 6 chapters a day, that is easy, even for me. It even said don’t read more, even better!!!!

I certainly would have time for that, and not get overwhelmed. Then I began sending out the verses. That’s another story I will save for a future blog :) And that led me to this blog.

I hope you enjoy this blog, hopefully the verses can inspire you to be the best person you can be.


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