God Makes All Things New

I was thinking about how amazing God really is.

I was looking out at some rose bushes I had planted, years and years ago, and after some improper pruning, well they were just dying. So, early this year I went out and cut them all the way to the ground.

20170502_143356-1I said a prayer to God which pretty much went like this, “Well Lord, if You want these to live, You’ll have to fix them because I certainly made a mess of trying to fix them myself. Only You can, if it’s Your will. I love You. Amen.”

A couple of weeks ago, these little beauties took off. I mean I had literally cut them down even with the ground. Slowly new branches formed. Then came the leaves, and now I have beautiful blooms bursting out all over.

God can do everything.

He can take anything , that to us seems like a lost cause, even hopeless, and make it new again. I took the picture and thought to myself, these bushes are not the only pitiful messes, in this yard, that God has made new. The person posing with them are another example :)

If God can fix the mess that was me, He can do that for anyone who seeks Him.

God Bless you