Each Day

If you are willing with God things will be rapturous
Without God life can be quite disastrous
Life doesn’t have to be treacherous and frightful
With God each day, each step can be delightful
His Love, His blessings are constantly elevating
His Spirit keeps my life exhilarating


Beloved there’s no need for fear
Beloved let Me dry your tears
When you can’t take any more
Knock and I Am will open that door
Beloved I Am is always here

God knows…

God knows I am trying
Even when I am crying
He sees what’s inside
Even when I try to hide
God knows when I am falling
He hears all of my calling
He knows when I am lying
When I say all is fine but inside I am dying
God is always pulling me up
Even when I have given up
And when I begin to slide
God never leaves my side

Free Will

Why did I pick a path to follow
That always made me feel so hollow
God gave me free will so I could choose
But not because He wanted me to lose
He guides me to make the right choice
Always beckoning me to listen to His voice
And so began my fresh new start
When I chose to unhardened my heart

Is it?

Be encouraging
not discouraging
It’s not our job to be right
It’s to love and be a shining light
Let’s be humble
Causing no one to stumble
Suggest they read God’s Word
His voice will be heard
Unless being right is the goal
Or is it to help save a soul?

Creating Doubt

Love one another
Be kind to your brother
Cause no strife
Offer the path of eternal life
I’m right, you’re wrong
We can argue this all day long
As long as they believe Jesus died for their sin
And God raised Him to life again
Why create any seeds of doubt
God will work the rest of it out

All That Can Be

Within each of God’s lessons
There are always blessings
Not something He wants us to earn
But something He wants us to learn
He’s always ready to teach
Showing us His Almighty reach
If we are willing to see
He will show us all that can be