One Lovely Blog Award


Prerna over at besondersite nominated me for the One Lovely Blog award. Thank you Prerna. :) Prerna’s blog is wonderful. It’s full of pictures, stories, challenges, and so much more. I always find something good when I read Prerna’s blog.

7 random facts about me:

  1. I only get my hair cut once a year :)
  2. I love talking to animals. Yes, thats’ right if there is one near me I will talk to it :)
  3. I love hot coffee, not warm, not cold, and not even hot, I want it HOT
  4. I sing in the car :)
  5. I try to work God into every conversation I have. Not a sermon but give Him glory for something. If the person says, I had a great day today, my reply, that is a blessing from God. That’s sort of way :) It’s now a game for me, and I love playing it.
  6. I love tiramisu, it’s my favourite dessert.
  7. I love mowing grass.
  8. I disable all apps on any new smart phone I get.
  9. I love Pilates :)

I nominate anyone who wants to participate!

Whether you participate or not I pray you will go to Prerna’s blog, you will certainly enjoy it.

We Can Be The Change

After I posted the Bible verses, I went to Maggie’s blog, a blog I love to read. Maggie had a powerful message about the world today and I felt it was something that was worth a read for every one because it applies to us all.

The blog title is We Can Be The Change. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and maybe if we can practice this, then we can be the change.

God Bless You!

Happy Anniversary

This is dedicated to my love
A true gift from God above
One of the happiest days of my life
Is the day I became your wife
And as one before God we became
Everyday I realize that we are truly the same
Through all the ups and downs we have shared
You have never failed to show me that you cared
Even when we are far apart
You are always close in my heart
Thank you for always making me smile :)
Always going that extra mile
Thank you for always holding my hand
True comfort knowing by my side you will always stand
Every day unconditional love is what you’ve shown me
Reminding me that together is what we’ll always be

I love you baby :)

Why Did I Wait?

Looking back at days gone by
I now smile at things that made me cry
It amazes me all the time I wasted
Turning to God true happiness I’ve tasted
Occasionally I still slip and stumble
God’s constant presence keeps me humble
His Love and faithfulness makes me strong
Now knowing God’s Mercies why did I wait so long?

Two Blog Awards

Maggie over at Dreaming of Guatemala nominated me for 2 awards. Thank you Maggie and if you haven’t visited Maggie’s blog, I highly recommend it.  It’s always uplifting, inspiring, and there are tasty recipes there too :)

The Sunshine Blogger Award

My Answers to Maggie’s Questions:

1. What is your all-time favorite TV show and why? The Young and the Restless. It’s been on forever, and I watched it with my Granny growing up.
2. Do you collect anything? Not really, unless pearls count. I have dozens of pearl necklaces of all lengths(even ones that hang to my knees) and it’s hard to pass them by when I see one.
3. What are few songs that you’ve been loving to listen to lately? LOL, I listen to the same songs I listened to for decades :) 
4. How do you blog – careful planning and following a schedule, or on a whim? I read my Bible, and post whatever verses speak to me that day.
5. Why did you name your blog what you did? The Word seemed like an obvious choice since I mostly post God’s Word :)
6. Have you ever met any famous people? How and where did you meet them? Nope none that I can remember.
7. Do you wear glasses or contacts? Glasses, if I am reading but it will be all the time pretty soon.
8. What’s your favorite place to shop for clothes? What was the last thing you bought there? I don’t have one.  All the clothes I have bought, for the past few years,  have been because I was in a store and they had something I liked, or had been wanting and it was on clearance. Which of course I attribute to God knowing I wanted it, and He’d put it in front of me for a price I would pay, BLESSINGS
9. Who’s your favorite Disney animal sidekick? Goofy, of course :)

Question for My Nominees:

1. If you could ask God any thing, what would it be? It doesn’t have to be 1 thing, it can be multiple. It doesn’t have to be something you need or someone else needs, any question about anything. Or as many questions as you like, that’s why I only put in 1 question. I hope I am not breaking any rules :)


My Nominees:

I never know who wants to be nominated, who is “award-free” and who isn’t :) I don’t think anyone I have ever nominated has ever participated, for those 2 reasons LOL :) Which is ok, I completely understand, and it doesn’t hurt my feelings, at all. So, this time I’ll just let anyone who wants to participate,  can participate.

Note for the nominees: To accept this award, simply answer my questions and nominate more people to pass on the love!

The Mystery Blogger Award

3 Things About Myself:

1. I live in the same state I was born in, and I have lived here all my life.
2. I love mowing grass :)
3. I like staying home. If I didn’t have to leave my house, I wouldn’t. Some people say that, that would drive them crazy. I never understand this because I would be very content.

My Answers to Maggie’s  5 Questions:

1. What is something you used to despise, but actually quite like now? Cleaning
2. When was the last time you laughed really hard? It had to be something my husband did. He does things that crack me up like nothing else. 
3. What’s the best book that you read recently? Why did you enjoy it? The Bible(bet you didn’t see that coming) I enjoy it because I learn something new everyday, it makes me happy, it lifts me up, it humbles me, it makes me appreciative, it makes me overjoyed, it makes me cry, and so many more feelings that are too many to write.
4. Name 5 of your favorite movies. Gone with the Wind, Deadpool, MI(all of them) All about Eve, Mildred Pierce.
5. What are you the most thankful for? Wait for it, God :)

My Best or Favorite Posts:

*all my posts are my favourite, they are Gods Word, but these each have verses that mean a lot to me, and you will see me post them every year when I start reading my Bible again and get back to that verse. There are actually MORE but Maggie said 3 :)

Questions for My Nominees:

1. Share something that God has done for you. It can be one thing or as many things as you would like to share.

My Nominees:

I never know who wants to be nominated, who is “award-free” and who isn’t :) I don’t think anyone I have ever nominated has ever participated, for those 2 reasons LOL :) Which is ok, I completely understand, and it doesn’t hurt my feelings, at all. So, this time I’ll just let anyone who wants to participate,  can participate.

Note for the nominees: To accept this award, tell us three things about yourself, answer my questions, and share three of your favorite posts! Then pass it on to other bloggers by giving them some new questions to answer.

God bless you!


Gods love keeps me elated
Worldly tricks are deflated
With His love I am gratified
Gods mercy keeps me satisfied
No longer scared, hiding and fearful
His Word making my days ever cheerful
God keeps my soul and my outlook sprightly
Allowing His light to shine through me brightly

The “old” me..

The “old” me
hidden away, no one could see:

panic attacking
life hijacking
forever wrong
never strong
self hating
inside debating
tears shed
eyes red
nerves throbbing
endless sobbing
tirelessly mad
always sad

It didn’t have to be
God rescued me.