What is put in front of us…an update

I praise the LORD for always putting in front of us what He wants us to see.

I will update all of you, my wordpress family, on the happenings with my house very soon.

There always seems to be things that happen to us that I ask the LORD why?

Well, He is revealing to me the why at this point. I ask that you all pray for me to listen to Him, and not jump to my fleshly desires to “fix” all these things that only He can fix.

Trials come, and although I might not like them, and might not know why, the Good LORD reveals all if we have eyes to see, and ears to hear.

Praise God for His wisdom that is far past what we can understand. Praise God for the strength to get through what we, at first, think is the end of the world, and see that the end of this world will come when He decides. Not when we think it is so.

I ask God to bless everyone who is reading this. And I thank every single one of you for your prayers because they are worth more than everything this world has to offer.



Thank You LORD…an update

So here’s what has been going on since the last update, Felling More Than Bless  We received our adjustment from the adjuster who came out last week. It seems that it will be enough to cover the cost to gut our house and redo everything. I wasn’t so sure when I posted I need prayers please I am not sure about what it will be redone with as we have not had much time to really research things. Things like cabinets, flooring, etc.

The LORD had blessed us with really nice solid wood cabinets. The contractor and adjusters (all 3 that have been to our home) commented on how they don’t make them like that any more unless you custom order them. They all asked when we put them in and we told them the truth. The cabinets are 16 years old, and not custom built. We don’t have money for custom built. Hahaha :) They all said they look brand new, and I had taken really good care of them. I always said well, the LORD blessed us with nice things the least I can do is take care of them.

Same with the carpet they all asked when did we get the new carpet?  Ummmm, again 16 years ago. They would again say wow, it looks brand new.

I could go on and on about the hardwood floors, bathroom showers, tubs, fixtures, etc, etc. The point is God provided us those good quality things, and the contractor said due to the storm and prices go up after a storm because of the high demand for these things, and the low supply. He said we probably wouldn’t be getting the quality that we have.

I have faith that God provided us those high quality items once, not that we are rich and can afford it. I truly looked around almost daily, and thanked God for always blessing us with good deals for things that would last us. I have faith He will do that again.

I believe that no matter what God sees fit to give us it will be His will, He is in control of this and I am thankful that He is because I would be lost if God wasn’t controlling this.

Now we just are waiting for the insurance company to approve the adjustment, so the contractor can get to work. Thank You LORD!

The adjuster has been very diligent with submitting our housing receipts. We received the check for the rent we paid for the first place we stayed. And according to the adjustment the rent for the place we are staying now was submitted the day we moved in here. Thank You LORD!

I thank God for His mercy, and giving us strength, and all the Love He has shown us through His Almighty way of working things, and Love through others. I thank Him for all of you, my wordpress family. Y’all have shown us so much love, prayers, and encouragement. We are truly grateful and humbled more than y’all will ever know :)

Thank You LORD for everything.

LORD, I ask You to bless everyone reading this :)

Feeling more than blessed :) and update

We moved into our new temporary home today. It is more than I could have ever imagined but isn’t that what God says, He is more than we can ever imagine.

I feel so blessed that words can’t even describe it.

We are still waiting on the insurance to “process” the new adjustment for the repairs to our house. They said that should take them 10 to 14 working days. Which amazes me since right after the hurricane last year when there were 10’s of thousands of claims it was done in a matter of days.

However I am so thankful for the housing that God has provided, and miraculously we had exactly the amount of money to put down the deposit and first months rent.

For here, during the peak season, when rentals are only done by the week, and run in the thousands per week. The owners of this place let us have it on a month to month basis. They charged us less than they could have, and have been renting it per week.

Please say a prayer for these owners who could have made 4 times the money by renting to the tourist but found it in their hearts to let us have it for not just a month but for as many months as we need. Taking a huge loss to their bottom line.

Praise the LORD for His loving mercy. He sure does things in such a way that it can’t be denied.

I appreciate all of your prayers for our family. We still have a long road, and we are not waiting for the insurance to start to pay the contractor. We are going to the house everyday and doing all the work we can. And at night we are washing, and cleaning everything that can be salvaged from the mold exposure.

Tonight as I type this, listening to the washer and dryer. I am blessed to be in a safe, clean, temporary home. Looking out over the ocean, and all its beauty.

Again I say praise the LORD.

I’ve been slack and I’m sorry :)

Hello Brothers and Sisters. Life is so busy right now. All these adventures.

God is good and knows how to keep our attention. :)

I am sorry your comments have gone unattended. Sitting in “moderation” waiting to be approved. Not to mention the reading all of your glorious blogs.

Hopefully this issue will be resolved in due time. :) :)

Right now everything is going at Light speed. If you know what I mean.

LORD, thank You for blessing every one who reads this :) Amen.