God’s or ours?

God’s will is that I first love my brothers and sisters and I haven’t even come close to getting that in the vicinity of where I feel God wants me to be :) Which means I didn’t get to love God with all that is everything that I am. I see a pattern of me not preforming God’s will :)

He blesses me every day, and He does you too. If you can’t think of at least 12 things the Good LORD has provided you with today then you are not trying hard enough.

You could fill a semi-truck full of the blessings that God gives to all of us each day.

God doesn’t just bless me, or brother or sister so and so. He is a free giving, Almighty God.  The Eternal Fountain that is our very existence. For as much as you will praise Him. He will rain down so many blessings that you will wonder where they all are coming from.

If you read my last post or didn’t :) I have been in what I affectionately call my deep dark pit of despair. It’s not like I haven’t been here before :) I don’t expect all that is this life to be glorious.

Here, in this life, I am dealing with all of y’all. Don’t take that the wrong way. Y’all know I love you :) BUT I am quick to anger. I am not kind. The list is quite extensive.

It’s not a y’all thing. It’s a me thing :) I try real hard to be a good child of God. I pray, and talk to the LORD about it every time I have to venture out. The intentions are always “good”

Anyway, in heaven there will be none of that.

I will be in the physical prescience of God. You know where you can reach out and touch Him. Not that I would but then again He’d probably expect it from me :)

I won’t have to be fearful to leave my house because I might be the worst example of a child of God that any one has seen. None of that will exist in that life. This life being here. That life being heaven. The eternity.

I won’t be offensive. I will love everyone. I will be happy all the time. I will never be tired, sick, or sad. Neither will you. No anger felt or caused. Hurt feelings caused intentionally or not by me or anyone else. Complete trust in everything. The list could quite possibly push this into a novel :)


Every one else will feel the same way :)

Love, happiness, peace, joy, content, safe. Another few things to add to the infinite list of things to thank God for if you were still struggling coming up with that list of 12 things to be grateful for :)

The now, this temporary life is a short time. With God I can take the deep dark pits of despair.

Even in the deepest part, God was with me, and I lacked nothing. Just like God said he would do, “For the LORD thy God hath blessed thee in all the works of thy hand: He knoweth thy walking through this great wilderness: these forty years the LORD thy God hath been with thee; thou hast lacked nothing. — Deuteronomy 2:7